Discover exclusive works of art created by the world's greatest living artists for your iPad and iPhones.

Explore art and artists, share, collect and enjoy contemporary artworks created in digital media for your screens and devices.

The Sedition app allows you to manage your digital collection - securely store artworks in your personal Vault, create playlists, share or gift works to friends, and download your artworks onto your device so you can enjoy viewing your collection with or without an internet connection.

Want to browse a selection of artworks from world renowned artists? Explore our 'Curated' section - an invitation-only platform with works of art from as little as $8 to over $1000, handpicked to guide the collector through the key figures and most exciting names. Or perhaps emerging art and artists is your preference? Search 'Open Platform' - a free forum for any artist who wishes to offer their work on Sedition.

All artworks on Sedition are limited editions created entirely for screens and devices. Edition sizes range from unique works, to editions of several thousand - if the work you want is sold out, why not visit our site and check out the Trade section to see if another collector will sell it?

Sedition. Discover a new world of art.


Version 12.6.4

- Fixed an issue where Art Stream price would appear with incorrectly formatted. Eg. in Mexico it would show $299 where it should be MX$299.

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

Rob V. ,

This is a scam

This is a terrible idea. You have to pay monthly to access the ability to buy very expensive videos and the inability to actually get them on your TV. What a great bait and switch. Kinda like buying something off of instagram and A- having it not show up for 3 months from china and B- it’s not what the advert promised.

Save your money

Entwickler-Antwort ,

We're very sorry you were unhappy with the way our subscription service works - though in fact, subscribers don't need to buy the artworks. If you have a subscription, you can access all artworks on Sedition without having to buy them. We believe our website and app descriptions weren't clear enough to convey this, so have improved them. We also launched a new version of our Apple TV app today which includes playlists. We're very sorry for the lack of clarity, and hope our changes have made things clearer.

MonsterBudgie ,

Amazing art! App still needs work...

The digital art available through this app is AMAZING! What happens to my investment if you go out of business??? Really cool concept, but it needs some work... Both the app and website are buggy at times- I've had problems purchasing art... There's a piece on there I really want, but it won't let me buy it... Sometimes I'll put an item in my cart and the site notifies me that it's updated the price, but then it won't let me check out... Other times during playback in my vault on the app- I don't get the watermark, but I do get the message on the bottom that says the watermark will be removed upon purchase... It goes away if I reboot the app... I initially couldn't make my first purchase through the app- I had to go through the website... If the app is an extension of the website- you should probably make that clear as I've noticed the website is a little more robust and the app doesn't offer the trade function... The whole process is a little confusing... If I wasn't so into the idea- I would have given up a long time ago... If you get the bugs worked out- it'll be really great! I am also VERY CONFUSED by the followers thing- how do I actually find regular users to follow? Somebody followed me and I have no idea how they found me or how I find other people to follow... It's just not very intuitive... And I'm a super smart guy... So dumb it down a bit, will ya? Give me a tutorial or intro or something to help me figure it all out...

JaidenBenz ,

A Flawlessly Modern Method to Collect Contemporary Art.

Photography, video, animation and media arts. From contemporary art superstars like Tracey Emin and Damien Hirst of the YBA movement, to master of their craft, Bill Viola and Jenny Holzer (Protect me from what I want), and art world bad boys Shepard Fairey, the dynamic duo Jake and Dinos Chapman, and partners in crime Tim Noble and Sue Webster.

You can purchase limited edition works of art for as low as $5, however you need to stay engaged and to score the best deals and not miss the chance of a lifetime to own art from a premiere and certifiably brilliant working contemporary artist. Enjoy across devices from Mac, AppleTV, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and even select third party portable and home theatre products to allow you to show off your new inspired approach to enjoying art and très chic new ways to enjoy your collection from virtually every corner of the world.

Cheers and Stay Fresh; Jbnz.


Sedition Limited
70.8 MB

Erfordert iOS 10.0 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPad und iPod touch. Apple TV.



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  1. Art Stream Monthly Subscription 14,99 $
  2. $100 99,99 $
  3. $50 49,99 $


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