Would you like to battle deadly monsters and collect epic loot in a quest to save the world from a newly awakened ancient evil? Do you think you can survive the limitless depths of an ancient crypt swarming with deadly creatures? Would you like to train your character to perform impressive feats of valor that boggle the mind and rain death upon your foes? You can have all this and more by simply playing Seed of Evil!

* You can choose to play either with or without permadeath.
* Be a Warrior or Mage or a mixture of both. Simply choose the skills and powers you want to make powerful combinations. You can reset your skills to try out new combinations.
* There are unlimited magic items using random combinations of prefixes and suffixes, with exceptional and artifact items with powerful abilities.
* Complete quests and explore unlimited procedurally generated dungeons to gain powerful items.
* Gather information and plan your attacks, or avoid enemies that are too dangerous. You will survive longer if you choose carefully and gather as much information as possible before charging in. You can be sneaky and get the drop on enemies or even sneak past them and avoid a dangerous fight.
* Summon allies to help you fight or to scout ahead and protect you from harm.
* Combat is not just a matter of tapping as fast as possible, as this is a turn based game that allows you to take as long as you want to think of the best move to make. You have many combat options, especially as you gain levels, and it makes a huge difference if you think carefully about how to most effectively use your powers.

What’s New

Version 1.1.9

* Bug fixes
* removed random immunities and resistances from champions and bosses
* Drazul has less health now

Ratings and Reviews

4.2 out of 5
17 Ratings

17 Ratings

CherryTerri ,

Interesting RPG

I am a fan of these kind of RPGs, so I picked it up for free and got rid of ads for 2.99$.

Picking a fighter class, the choice of skills are nice. Battle is simple and the UI is easy to read.

My biggest gripe is with ranged attacks.

Enemies that cast spells or shoot missles, can hit you through walls and barred doors from far away. This happens way too often and most of the time you can do nothing about it. Your skills have Line of Sight and range restrictions, yet monsters have no such thing. This can make exploring difficult, as it seems that the AI (especially if it is in the dark spaces) “sees” you as if no obstacles are in the way.

You see a very small area with your torch, that will eventually go out. So spending time by running back and forth over and over, surrounded by rats summoned by a caster you can’t see, and getting hit by multiple spells from unseen casters can kill you VERY quickly. You need to buy a lantern and oil to get around that and see farther.

Once you get past that snafu, this game is not your normal stand and slash. Strategy and knowing when to run away will keep you alive. The town has your basic store selection, and the drops from monsters and from chests are greatly varied which is nice.

Overall, worth checking out!

Developer Response ,


It is good to hear you are enjoying the game. Visibility is indeed a challenge early on in the game by design. It can be improved either by buying a lantern (I recommend buying one as soon as possible) or by finding items that grant dark vision. The one disadvantage of holding a light in a dark place though, is that everything can see you very easily. While, they cannot see or shoot through walls, the monsters can indeed see you standing in the middle of a pool of light from quite far away and can shoot through gates, since gates don't block line of effect. If you can get dark vision high enough, you should remove your light source to make it harder for monsters to see you. Monsters do have ranges on their attacks, though Beratzu Summoners have a long enough range that it will be rare for that to be the limiting factor. I promise you they cannot see through walls or shoot through walls though. You can take advantage of this knowledge by stepping around a corner so you are completely out of line of sight and effect. Then the monster that was shooting you will move toward your last known position and you can ambush them as they appear at the corner. To prevent Summoners from teleporting away, I recommend a reach weapon that lets you attack 2 squares away. As you have discovered, strategy and tactics play a huge role in success, so it is often more valuable to have a skill or power that improves your maneuverability than to just have one that dishes out more damage. I highly recommend Inexorable Advance for warriors, since it lets you wade through swarms of enemies to reach a more strategic position.

Thanks for playing!
Ted McLeod

nordo ren ,

Great game but fix level 2 of the crypt

Fix the issue that everyone has been complaining about on the second floor because it really does take away from the game and makes this less fun to play

FromBenjamin ,

Great genre, horrible grinding

I lost interest once the endless waves of rats prevent any sense of adventure. Every classic rpg has a low-level “kill the rats” quest, but this one has a goal to kill 200 rats and several critters that spawn the rats. I’ve killed over 400 (maybe 600+) rats on level two (2!) of the crypt and I give up. They just keep coming. I just want to advance through the crypt, not get stuck in one space mindlessly battling wave after wave of spawning rats (and the occasional other infinitely summoned creatures). I don’t have the time in my life to handle the 15+ little green and little yellow spawn-wizard guys that look like Plankton from Spongebob Squarepants. Despite the developer note in another review, these DO shoot though walls. They also have essentially endless mana and teleport when approached with a melee weapon. Level 2 shouldn’t take hours to complete!

Developer Response ,


Thanks for giving the game a try. I am Sorry you are encountering these frustrations. There are certainly some builds that clear that area much faster than others. Since you can freely change your skills and powers (just make sure no monsters are around as all items are unequipped), you could try rebuilding your character to be more effective against swarms of minions and beratzu summoners. You can rebuild again after that fight if you want to go back to your old build. If you are a warrior (it sounds like you are), I recommend you wield a weapon that has reach 1, such as a halberd or pike, since that will allow you to attack creatures 2 squares away instead of only adjacent creatures. Then you can kill the beratzu summoners without stepping next to them, so they won’t teleport away. Based on your review, you might enjoy playing a mage rather than a warrior, since that will immediately give you access to some very effective AOE powers (acid cloud is particularly effective against swarms since they instantly die as soon as they step in it). You could change your character to a mage or a hybrid class simply by choosing different powers and skills . Based on feedback, I am considering giving warriors earlier access to some form of AOE, since they currently will reach the 2nd level of the crypt without any minor power AOE attacks, but currently the mage class has an advantage in clearing that area faster.

There is a forum where you can discuss strategies and make bug reports or suggestions at I have started a thread there requesting more information about the creatures shooting through walls as I need more clarification on this issue. Please post your experience there. By design, if you are close enough to the corner to see around it, then things can shoot you, even if it appears the shot clips the corner. Also by design, gates can be shot through (reach weapons can attack through gates too, which you are welcome to take advantage of). Have you experienced ranged attacks that you clearly saw pass directly through a solid wall (i.e a creature directly on the other side of a wall, not just far down a corridor clipping the corner)? If so, A screenshot that is marked with a line showing the path of the shot would be very helpful.

Thanks for playing!
Ted McLeod


Ted McLeod
122.7 MB

Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



Age Rating
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
In-App Purchases
  1. Full Version $2.99
  2. A Bag Of Gold $0.99
  3. A Mountain Of Gold $2.99


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