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130 betyg

Jnichols1122 ,

Ok but slow

Every time I post something it takes more than a year. No lie. A freak year. I kept count. This needs to stop! It's not my phone that's slow it's when it's pending that take sew long. I posted a skin and after 5 months I thought it was done because other people were using it. IT WAS A BUG IN MINECRAFT!!!!!! So I went to this app and it was still pending. Speed up ur game. Although the app is noice.

IsleOfFlightlessBirds ,

press F to pay respects

RIP this app. i used to be on it every day. i was very active for about 2 years. then, 2 years ago, it died. i still remember being 9 years old and downloading it and making my first internet friend, who's still my best friend 4 years later. this app (more specifically the people on it) brought me a lot of joy. i'm not sure what happened, i think the devs just got bored of it. it still runs, but the mods are gone so no posts are approved. everyone's left. i think we all just grew up and moved on. it was fun while it lasted, and if you want to look at the remnants, its quite interesting to see. everything is a couple years old now. its like a time capsule of sorts? anyway, thanks sp for all the good friends and memories. lets get an F in the chat for this app😔

Bunny pants dance ,

It's literally dead now

My name on here is Hønéyfèrn (or close enough), and I left for 5 months and when I come back, guess what? The app is literally dead! I've loved this app and I still have hope that it'll come back. You guys need to something about it! I miss my friends in there and none of them are really on the app anymore.... even one of my most dearest I'm pretty sure has left :,( just please please please do something about it I miss the old, sweet, kind seeds pro I used to know. I've been on here for about 3 years and I've missed it... I know I keep repeating this, and I'm sorry, but just try to do something about it :/ I'm begging you!!!


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Kräver iOS 8.0 eller senare. Kompatibel med iPhone, iPad och iPod touch.



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