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SettleApp helps you to keep track of your shared expenses. It is designed for instant recording of who paid for what and thanks to intelligent algorithms, you immediately know how to comfortably settle up all the debts in the easiest way possible. With SettleApp you never have to worry about who owes whom and how much.

Typical use case:

Let’s say you are on a trip with your friends for a couple of days. You can't avoid paying for many things like gas, tickets, food and so on. While everyone should participate equally on the payments, only one person is paying most of the time. At the end of the trip, it gets incredibly difficult to work out who owes whom manually. This is where SettleApp comes in handy. Enter your expenses and SettleApp immediately calculates and fairly divides the expenses between all the participants. Now you will never lose track of how much each person owes to the others!

You can also use it to track expenses and debts with your significant others, roommates, colleagues, schoolmates or anyone you ever bought something for or lent your money to.

Feature overview:
- Intuitive interface and stylish design
- Extremely simple and quick entry of transactions
- Overview of who owes whom and how much
- Intelligent algorithm that calculates the easiest way how to settle up
- Complete history of all your payments
- iPhone contacts integration
- No sign up required
- No internet connection required
- All your data stay on your device


Verzió 1.2

This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate.

$ Suggested people are now ordered by the number of transactions - you probably mean the ones on the top of the list :)
$ Fixed: Newly added person in the "Who paid" field was not suggested in "Who was invited" leading to duplicate person records.
$ New system-wide rating dialog
$ SettleApp is for iOS 10.3 only!

Értékelések és vélemények

5,0 / 5
2 értékelés

2 értékelés

GBB0131 ,

Won't open

The App Store thinks it's installed, but I cannot open or delete it. If you click on it, it just says waiting.

wylew ,


App crashes after I try and add over ten people to a debt. Useless to me as a result.

irishkelley ,


'nuff said

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