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The official SF311 app for residents and visitors to San Francisco allows users to quickly and easily report quality of life issues by sending pictures, a brief description, and a map based location. Whether reporting issues such as graffiti, potholes, or street cleaning, the app will route requests directly to the appropriate servicing agency for quicker response time. The user can view the status of the case in the app and receive a notification of its completion.


版本 3.20.13

* New feature - Alert


2.6(满分 5 分)
69 个评分

69 个评分


So many things wrong to offset the benefit

This really could have been a good idea but of course since this is the city of San Francisco, it ended up being crap. As others point out it’s a great way to get your complaint quickly into the system, but there’s no way to edit or delete afterwards through the app.
My home address doesn’t even work in the app. If I set it manually they revert it to a neighboring address. And why should an absolute address be required? So when someone is blocking my driveway, when SFMTA go to my neighbors address they can’t figure out from the attached picture that the car is 10 yards away.
I assume the whole goal of thus is app is to let people vent without the city actually having to respond or hear the frustration of residents about the crappy service the city provides.


Intuitive and gets the job done fast

In two different occasions, someone kindly unloaded a bag of trash and 2 liters of urine (yes, you read that right) by my residence and within 24 hours of requesting a 311, it was cleaned up! I’m impressed and excited this app exists and there’s a speedy response. More people need to be aware of this app!

Major downside is there’s an “encampment” option presumably to...move marginalized people elsewhere? It would be cool if instead of calling the police to make homeless people move somewhere else only to be moved again, there was some kind of resource like trained social workers or mental health workers deployed to help them or at least guide them to valuable resources. Doesn’t seem to get at the root of homelessness issue in SF and only serves to be a very temporary solution.

Anyways, aside from that this app works well for taking care of trash or human waste on the streets.


Great app for contributing to your community

San Francisco’s city and county government tracks the time it takes to respond to 311 requests and they are often the only way the city knows that something is wrong. I have been pleasantly surprised a number of times when I have reported overflowing city trash cans and they have been quickly cleaned up. The whole 311 process could use some user experience cleanup as it is often confusing to figure out which category of issue to file. But at least the city is tracking it and the data is public so others can hold the city accountable for providing appropriate services. I would even go so far as to say that using this app (or calling 311) is a great way to contribute to your community.

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