Massive 4.0 update:
- 20 new shapes
- 12 new fonts
- iPadOS trackpad and mouse support
- new shape text tool
- 4K Photoshop export
- better language detection
- new margins tool
- new outline tool
- easily remove small words

Shapego is a full-featured word cloud generator that gives you everything you need to create amazing word clouds for your presentations, marketing, and communication materials.

Whether you are a marketing professional, a teacher, a social media manager, or somebody that wants to communicate a message in a visual manner, Shapego is the app you need.

Shapego features a streamlined user interface that was built to fine-tune the appearance, shape, and position of the words that compose your word cloud. Once you are satisfied with your creations, Shapego lets you export to images, PDF vector documents or layered Photoshop files.

Still have doubts? Here are some real-world use cases:

• Need to brainstorm on a document and need a quick way to highlight the words that matter most? Shapego can help you by making a word cloud with only the most recurrent words thanks to iOS state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing technologies.

• Need to express your ideas in a different way? Tired of the old PowerPoint thing? Just create a word cloud with Shapego and accurately position the key words of your message.

• Need to engage your students? Let them write a description of an object or an animal and use Shapego to have their words laid out in a word cloud that has the shape of what they are describing.

Shapego's privacy policy:


Versione 4.1

It's now possible to remove "small" words with an easy to use setting!

Valutazioni e recensioni

4,6 su 5
529 valutazioni

529 valutazioni

mama ski75 ,

Great Gifts

True only the first few shapes are free and I am not usually a fan of in app purchases but for a great teacher I splurged for the Apple shape. I was not disappointed! The gift came out perfect and I have many more
Ideas for gift ideas!

happy😋😋 ,


First: there are only 8 free shapes!! If there’s gonna only be 8 free shapes you might as well not make them things like cookies and stuff. Why not make the free ones circles and other shapes? Cuz if someone wants to make a simple circle word cloud, they have to pay for it! Second: Why can’t you make certain words bigger? What if you’re doing a word cloud about what you like, and you REALLY like dogs, so you want to make the word dog bigger? How would you be able to tell whoever sees the word cloud that you REALLY like dogs? This app is kind off okay. If you don’t improve I might make it a ONE STAR REVIEW.
Oh and by the way to keep words together just enter a - in between them

Lil One 2004 ,

Only somewhat useful

I like that you and fill the shapes with your own words but I’m trying to write in a full poem I wrote but when I enter the txt in it’s just mixes all my words everywhere. I want to keep the text in a certain order and all in one direction. Is this not possible with your app ?? If you could show me how I would purchase the full version if not this is useless

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