Sheets manages your PDF Sheet Music collection and syncs it with Google Drive.*

Add new files on your iPad and Sheets will upload them to the Google Drive folder you have chosen during setup. Add new files to the Drive folder and Sheets will download them during the next sync.

Having such a backup means that you don't have to worry about losing or breaking your iPad and it makes it easy and convenient to transfer your collection and all of the associated metadata if you decide to upgrade to a new iPad in the future.

Features include:

- Backup and Sync PDFs to Google Drive
- Rename files on your iPad
- Add Metadata to your Sheet Music (Composer, Opus, Number ...)
- Sheets will guess Metadata of new files from the filename
- Naming Conventions for easy renaming
- Double Pages in Landscape Mode
- Create custom collections of files
- Open an entire such collection as if it's one large PDF
- The viewer renders the next page ahead of time, so it's ready when you need it
- Import existing files from a Google Drive folder
- Delete files locally and redownload them later from Google Drive
- Search and Filter options
- Sort Options
- Favorites
- Clean and Simple Design
- No Ads or In-App Purchases

Sheets currently does not offer the possibility to annotate your PDF files. If this is an essential feature to you, then you will probably find another app that suits your needs better.

* A Google account is required to use the Backup and Sync feature. The synchronization has to be initiated manually each time.


Version 2.0.5

- Fixed a bug that caused subfolders to be ignored during the Google Drive sync process

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1 Bewertung

PLea$e ,

Please fix the sort feature

I use this app a lot, especially since I broke my wrist and had difficulty turning my music. Now I don’t want to use paper music anymore, as it is wonderful not to make paper rustling during performance. It has also made my fellow musicians jealous of my ability to read my music in dim lighting.

The latest version messed up the ability to order music. The custom sort does not work anymore. Now, I can’t put my music in performance order. (This is a huge problem)

I use genius scan to turn my paper music into PDFs, and import them (works great). If this app could somehow let me annotate my PDF, I would rate this app a 10 (I know scale is to 5).

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Hi! I just released an update which fixes some bugs concerning sorting pieces by title. However, I am not able to reproduce any issues regarding the custom sort option.

I'll just go through some points so that you can make sure that they aren't causing this issue:
- Make sure that you are in the Library and have "Custom" selected as the sort option
- Since the v2.0.0 update, there is no more "Edit" button. In order to reorder your pieces, you have to touch and hold the one that you want to move and then you can drag it around to change the order.
- You can also create custom collections from the music in your library. You can reorder the pieces in a collection independently of the custom order inside of your library.
Collections should be very practical for performances, since you can put all of the pieces of a performance into their own collection, order them based on the performance and then open them all at once as if they were one long PDF.
- Please also make sure that you have the "Keep Local Order during Sync" option enabled in the Settings, so that your custom order doesn't get reset with every sync.

If you can still reproduce the issue, it would be great if you could give me a more detailed description of how you are trying to reorder the pieces and what exactly happens when the reordering "doesn't work". Do the pieces jump back to their original position? Does the order reset after every sync?

The more information I have, the faster I'll be able to figure out what the issue is and fix it :) Thanks for the patience and I hope your wrist is doing better!

Wwkarma ,

Crashes on Startup

I love the idea, and think I like the design, but never really got to try it, because once I imported pdf's, it crashed, and then would crash just after the splash screen. Tried two different iPads. Bummer.

userksw ,


Worked fine with a few pdf downloads, now crashes when I try to sync with google.


Keiwan Donyagard
11.2 MB

Erfordert iOS 11.0 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPad.





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