Shogi is Japanese Chess.
The difference between this and regular Chess is that the player is allowed to reuse the pieces captured from the opponent for themselves.
With exceptions to the King and the Gold, any pieces that enter the zone of the opponent can be turned over to increase their range of movement.
Positioning 2 or more Pawns on a vertical line is not permitted if the Pawns are not turned over.
Also, although it is possible to put a King in mate with your own Pawn, it is not permitted to put a King in mate with a Pawn captured from your opponent.
This is because such act is an insult to the King.

- In the shogi board mode, it is possible to play man face to face.
- Three computer levels.
- 22 kinds of handicaps.
- Position editor.
- There is a guide that informs player of a possible movement of the pieces.


Version 5.2

- Fixed an issue with Twitter posts.
- Updated thirdparty SDK.
- More than iOS 11 is needed.

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1 Bewertung

PlagasArtist ,


Pieces are easy to read and can choose from western pieces or the original japanese pieces. Fun and addicting game if you like chess you will enjoy this more. The board and pieces are nice to look at too. No complaints for this game as far as I can tell.

TheOnlyOpinionThatMatters ,

I can't even move a single piece!

I don't know what's wrong, but there is a game-breaking bug for me. The game begins and the computer makes it's move, then when I try to move a piece, the game doesn't respond. It will show the guide colors of where I can move the piece, but it won't let me actually move it. I've tried every piece and nothing will move. I rebooted my iPhone for a fresh start, no help there. I deleted the game and redownloaded to see if it was just a bad copy, didn't work. I hope something can be done about this because I can't play the game at all.

Jiff Waterhaus ,

Great game of shogi

Works perfectly; great animation and the first nice-looking "western" pieces I've seen, with Japanese koma also available. Undo is a lifesaver as the AI is very powerful. Great app!


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