SILO helps you stay focused by using the Apple Watch to tap you on the wrist during focus-break (pomodoro) cycles.

Why focus-break
Emerging studies show that taking breaks between long periods of uninterrupted focus is a healthy way to increase productivity.

How it works
To start, simply press the Focus button. Based on the 25-5-4 focus-break method (e.g. pomodoro or time boxing). After 25 minutes of focus, SILO taps you on the wrist to take a 5 minute break. After the break, SILO taps you again reminding you to get back to work, and the cycle repeats a total of four cycles.

Fully customizable
Everyone works differently. The focus and break timers are adjustable (right from your Watch) allowing you to try different intervals, and find your rhythm.

Work-hour tracking
While you focus, SILO tracks your work-hours. Hours are automatically calculated at the end of your sessions. There's nothing else you need to do. Check out your stats on your Watch to see your bi-weekly hours worked.

Complications on the Apple Watch face is a quick way to check the timer status—and take you directly to the app. Add the SILO complication from your Watch or the Watch app on your iPhone.

Silence speaks volumes
Using the power of the Apple Watch Taptic Engine, SILO can silently nudge you without distracting others around you.

Using SILO on the Apple Watch lets you work in quiet spaces (library or office) without disturbing others nearby. Also, distraction-free mode (Airplane mode) mutes incoming notifications so you can focus without interruptions from your phone.

**New** now with airplane mode enabled, SILO prevents distracting notifications from interrupting your focus session.

* Simple focus-break interval timer.
* Haptic feedback for silent working.
* Standalone Apple Watch app.
* Tracks work hours.
* Complications for Apple Watch.
* Adjust timers from Watch.
* Distraction-free airplane mode.
* Use iPhone to focus if no Watch available.
* Skip to focus/break for when you're on a roll.
* Session pause and resume.

In a distraction abundant world, focusing and taking breaks keeps your mind fresh and sharp. With SILO at your side (or on your wrist), it's like having a personal motivator—keeping you focused on the task at hand.

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What’s New

Version 1.2.2

iPhone X optimization

Previous release:
- Apple Watch Complications
- Hour tracking

For best results delete SILO from iPhone and reinstall
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Ratings and Reviews

3.1 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings

Guitarmaster13 ,

Not working well with my Apple Watch.

Thank you dev for responding. I have raised the my rating from my original 1-star because I believe it is something with Apples software that is causing the bug. The symptom I have originally described has happened with other apps as well, not just yours.

Basically the only fix is uninstalling and reinstalling again... unfortunately it just stops working randomly and the only fix is uninstalling and reinstalling again which is a real hassle. Again this is happening with a lot of timer apps including fitness timers on my watch not just yours. The fix is always uninstall and reinstall.

My next step in trouble shooting is completely resetting my watch and downloading everything again.

*Original review*

I am getting neither a notification nor haptic feedback after the end of work or break times on my Apple Watch series 1 with IP7+.

I used to get both haptic feedback and notification every time. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling yet this didn't work.

Developer Response ,

Please try deleting the app first from iPhone, then from watch. And reinstall from the App Store. That should fix it. See here for more silo

L. Swift ,

Winner, winner

The most recent update did the trick--I haven't had a problem of any sort. Kudos to the developer for being so responsive and quick to find a fix.

I use this app everyday. It's simple and impossible to get distracted by (with the update), which is ideal if you're easily side-tracked like me. It's also way more customizable than some of the other apps I looked at.

I'm going to leave my original review to draw attention to the developer's attentiveness. Increased from 4 stars to 5.


This is a simple and effective app that does what I want it to.

Most of the time.

The most recent update has fixed the crazy end-of-cycle bug that previous reviews mentioned for about 50% of the time. Completing a cycle now induces the equal parts of panic and adrenaline of a game of roulette--rather than the previous sense of impending doom. It's not a totally catastrophic bug anymore, just quite annoying.

It seems, however, that the most recent update wrecked havoc on the haptic feedback tap marking each focus/break transition. It's the primary reason I chose this time tracker over others. My hope is that the developer, who seems fairly responsive to reviews, can rectify the haptic bug quickly.

Bearing in mind the unfortunate haptic hiccup of the most recent update (and the moderate success of the other bug's fix), I nevertheless recommend this app to folks looking for an efficient, customizable tool for time management.

Developer Response ,

Thank you for the support! Please check out the latest update—hopefully the elusive rogue-notifications are no more!

disgruntled123 ,

Buggy and inconsistent

Despite removing and reinstalling the app , this app is buggy and inconsistent. Some days it works, others it doesn’t.
At the start of most days, before I’ve even used the app, the Apple Watch version claims I’ve already done 1.5 hours of work which a obviously untrue. I don’t care about tracking daily totals so this isn’t a big deal but this is probably frustrating to those who do use such a feature.

The various Apple Watch complications often don’t refresh the time remaining in a session which defeats the point of raising the watch to monitor the time remaining. These should update instantly, like any other complication.

Often the Apple Watch doesn’t vibrate when it’s supposed to despite having “prominent haptic feedback” enabled and the vibration pattern often isn’t very strong anyways. A suggestion for a future update might be to allow configuration of different vibration patterns as the same vibration patterns as every other Watch app are easy to ignore. Perhaps even differentiate between working sessions and break sessions? I use “silent mode” and “do not disturb” on my iPhone when working however the Apple Watch should still vibrate unless in theatre mode.

Developer Response ,

Thanks for the feedback. Will look into this bug pronto.


Omar Hijaz
36.3 MB

Requires iOS 10.0 and watchOS 3.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



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