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„Best Apps 2014“ - The App Store
„10 Best Photography Apps“ - The Guardian UK
„Make Your iPhone Photos Look Professional With SKRWT“ - AppAdvice
„SKRWT is the Missing Link to iPhone Photo Perfection“ - Paste Magazine
„10 iPhone Apps That Will Do Wonders For your Photography“ - Business Insider
„7 Must-Have Apps for Drone Pilots“ -
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SKRWT (App Store's "Best Apps 2014") is the most powerful perspective- and lens correction tool out there. Crafted to help you enhance your best smartphone photos in just a few taps, v.1.5 of SKRWT is now better than ever. With a variety of unrivaled features and awe-inspiring in-app extensions MRRW and 4PNTS, this fine application is the go-to editing tool for sophisticated photography enthusiasts like yourself. All hail symmetry!




Kiss converging lines goodbye: SKRWT is the all-purpose perspective and lens correction app for symmetry lovers. Correct horizontal and vertical lines as well lens distortions for shots taken with adapters, DLSRs, with a GoPro or a drone camera. With the one-of-a-kind full auto-cropping functionality and the self-explanatory, intuitive user interface, SKRWT is the missing link in high-end smartphone photography. If you are a sucker for quality and symmetry, SKRWT is for you.



With 4PNTS, the good folks at SRKWT re-thought perspective correction workflows and put together a new must-have extension. A hands-on approach to professional photo transformation: 4PNTS lets you manually work one or more corner points of your image, turning perspective correction into a fully intuitive manipulation process. The 4-point-perspective-tool is available as an in-app purchase – so you get to artistically transform, skew and enhance your photos within SKRWT. Your individual take, your creativity, your shot.



SKRWT presents four high precision mirror effects in this unmatched mirroring tool for your smartphone. With a refreshing approach to creative image manipulation, MRRW helps uncover the hidden symmetry in your best shots and enables you to find new creative and artistic freedom. Explore new possibilities in composition and use perspective correction and auto cropping in SKRWT-quality. Here goes for a never-ending stream of MRRWGRAMS!





Version 1.5

Hello and welcome back to SKRWT v1.5!

This one is for you - we are finally releasing an update that is fixing all issues - SKRWT v1.5 should now be running smoothly on your devices again. We want to apologize for making you wait for so long. We are back at it and hope you like what we did with v1.5:

• Fixed bugs and big back-end improvements
• Removed all in-app purchases and made them FREE
• A complete layout re-design

Yes, SKRWT v1.5 comes with a new and modern look + feel! In addition to that we have removed the in-app purchases so that MRRW & 4PNTS are now for free and part of the whole SKRWT experience.

Thank you for sticking around! If you like the update please consider giving it a rating - this actually helps a lot and let us know if you still have issues, comments or ideas!

Stay save & stay sane!

Love & Symmetry

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

4.2 von 5
462 Bewertungen

462 Bewertungen

A/ex ,

A fantastic tool, but complicated

This app is really great. I’m no photo pro, and all I wanted was a way to fix barrel distortion. SKRWT does that like a champ and then adds a whole tool shed of other stuff. There were a number of features shown in the tutorials that I couldn’t see much use for, only to find them invaluable later.

Mr. Jagielski has recorded some very nice video guides, and I’d urge everyone using the app to watch them: the many options can be a little confusing. This is really an inherent attribute of any powerful tool, and the learning curve isn’t that bad.

NadiaKnightly ,

'Failed to Save'

I would normally rate this fantastic App 5 stars, in a New York minute, if it wasn't for a huge bug causing all photos after Halloween 2017 not to load from the gallery into Skwrt. Then, assuming you are able to get to the photograph you are wanting to transform, you’ll need to find a work around for the ever tiresome ‘FAILED TO SAVE. PLZ CHECK YOUR STORAGE’ pop up that plagues users from saving their work once finished.
Other than those two, very huge, very annoying, bugs, Skwrt would be, or should be, everyone’s go-to app for all their iOS’ cropping, stretching, transforming & resizing needs! However, if I’m remembering correctly, Skwrt is a PAID 4 APP that is really 3 apps in one. After the initial purchase of Skwrt’s main app, you have the additional option to purchase the other apps, or features, with separate in-app purchases of 99¢. Mrrw & 4 points can be found within Skwrt. With Skwrt one can flip, rotate, and transform their photos. Mrrw allows you to mirror different aspects of your photograph. And finally, 4 Points allows users to drag or pull each corner of the photograph to the desired position, allowing you to line up those shots that might have ended up somewhat of center or a bit crooked . Truthfully, Skwrt has been an amazing and functional app for all my IG post. Too bad Development has stopped ringing in well needed updates that would fix these bugs.

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Hello NadiaKnightly! Thank you for this honest feedback and sorry for taking to long to react. We just release a very over-due update. Please download SKRWT v1.5 and have fun editing with it again (: if you like it we'd appreciate a 5* rating. Thanks again!! Love & Symmetry.

webzilla. ,

SKRWT doesn’t work within the Photos app

SKRWT wasn’t working on my iPhone 14 Pro Max, clicking done got you an endless gear animation. The App Store didn’t show an update available, and the app itself doesn’t show a version number.

But on a chance, I deleted SKRWT and reinstalled, quite obviously it’s a newer version, I assume version 1.5, and all is well.

I should note that, as far as I can tell, there is no working support available. Tapping the app support button in the App Store listing loads their website, which has a totally nonfunctional contact button at the bottom.

I should further note there’s no version history shown. And to add to the mystery, when I set up my iPhone 14 Pro Max in October 2022, it appears the old version of SKRWT was pulled from the App Store, very strange.

And this Just in. What wasn’t working, and what still isn’t working, is launching SKRWT from within the Photos app, same failure to save as described above. So the installed version had no doubt been up to date.

Conclusion: launch SKRWT directly, not within the Photos app.


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