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Do you need a simple way to track your health, fitness and set goals? You can do it easily with the free SmarTrack app and Smart Bath Scale. A healthy lifestyle starts with a plan.

Step on the Smart Scale and estimate your:
- Body Fat
- Body Water
- Muscle Mass
- Recommended Daily Calorie intake to maintain your current weight
- In addition, measure your weight and set a GOAL. TRACK and SHARE your achievements with others.

All you need to do is step on your Smart Scale and it automatically transmits your data via Bluetooth 4.0, from the scale to your SmarTrack app. It couldn’t be easier! You can view your data in a list or as a graph, it’s up to you. SmarTrack stores years of information for up to 8 users on the cloud.

If you already use a fitness app, no problem, SmarTrack connects with several popular fitness apps so your information can be seamlessly transmitted to your existing app. To learn more about the Smart Scale, SmarTrack app, and compatible apps, go to www.taylor-enviro.com or eatsmartproducts.com.

SmarTrack also allows you to seamlessly sync your health data with HealthKit. Upon capturing weight, body fat percentage and body mass index, SmarTrack will automatically update your HealthKit data which can be viewed within the Apple Health app.


版本 2.0.4

This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate.

Added back support for devices earlier than the iPhone 5s running iOS 8.1+.


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360 个评分

360 个评分


Recently quit working

I’ve been using this app successfully for many years but it has recently broken and now it says “network error” and is jeopardizing my ability to record weight with muscle mass and body fat. I may need to finally go buy an Apple Watch this week.

I just realized that an Apple Watch doesn’t resolve the issue. The scale is working and it’s the App I need to replace so I may have to buy a different scale that will send Data directly to the Apple Health app. I need to export my data first because I think tracking the body fat % and weight over the past 10 years should prove valuable as I make a push to cement a diet and exercise routine.


Simple Scale and App

I’ve been using the app with the Taylor Smart Scale Model 7226SFC for about 2.5 years now. I have had to reset the connection a couple of times in those 2.5 years, but otherwise it has worked flawlessly. I use the scale every morning immediately before showering. It syncs with my MyFitnessPal and Apple Health. In that time I have gone through three different iPhone models. Just recently when I switched from the iPhone 7 to iPhone X, it automatically synced my settings and kept working, I didn’t have to do anything.

On the negative side, the initial setup was not intuitive and it took a few days before it connected and recognized my profile. Also, the user interface hasn’t been updated, ever. But it works! And it works consistently!


Stopped referencing dates after a month

Edit: I restarted the smartrack scale by removing a battery and placing it back. The app works fine now.

I used the app just fine for about a month but last week it stopped on Sept 22 and no other dates of after that are showing up when I try to log a weight. The app says they are registered when you pull down to refresh but they do not show up-not in the weight graph, not anywhere. I clicked support and the website gives me a bad gateway. Im wondering if they just gave up and dont help anyone anymore. Or it could be iOS? The scale is fine.

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