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An average person spends 140 mins per day on social media. Even though social media giants earn hundreds of billions of dollars every year but have you ever got compensated for your time given and content shared on these platforms? Probably No. Here comes SNAC, a blockchain based social media that lets you take back control of the data your share and content you create.

SNAC allows its users to post text, photos, videos and stickers to create various kind of engaging content and share it with their family, friends, colleagues, and communities. Get rewarded in the cryptos for the quality content you create and for actively engaging with the community.

Key Features

Create Posts by writing text or uploading photo, video or stickers
Easily search content and communities using hashtags
View only that content that suits your interest
- Earn rewards through ‘Likes’, ‘Votes’ and ‘Betting’

※ Access Permission

- Storage space: Used by SNAC to transfer or store photos, videos, and files on the device
- Phone Number: Phone number is required for authentication purposes
- Contact List: We collect contact information from your address book to connect you to your friends

- Camera: To take photo and record video
- Location: SNAC app utilizes location information to allow users to participate in event which is,
location-based activities, location-based events, feeds,etc., and to provide a personalized environment customized for individuals, such as exposing more beneficial and appropriate advertisements to users.

* You can still use the app even if you don’t accept the opt-in permissions.

새로운 기능

버전 1.4.5

- Hashtags UI bugs has been fixed.

평가 및 리뷰

5개의 평가

5개의 평가

ranamajid ,

Best Blockchain Based Dapp

I have used a few other blockchain dapps but I must say SNAC is the best one so far. Have already started making cryptocurrency within a few hours of installing it. And also 1 like gives me 10 snac tokens which is a super cool feature! Way to go SNAC team!

개발자 답변 ,

Thank you very much for your wonderful review.

captin_icolabs ,

wonderfull app

it’s first blockchain sns app.
very fast and good reword!!

개발자 답변 ,

Thank you very much for your wonderful review. :)

usmcdevil1989 ,

Broken app

The app does not let you sign up the sms verification is broken.

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