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SonyMatics Remote Control for Sony Bravia TVs

Пульт дистанционного управления для телевизоров Sony является смарт-ТВ управление Sony мобильное приложение для пользователей iOS по Кодематикс. Это дает вам легкое и удивительное решение для управления Sony TV и устройств с iPhone. Полнофункциональная Sony удаленное приложение для управления Sony TV, что дает вам легкость открытия приложений, установленных на вашем ТЕЛЕВИЗОРе Sony прямо с вашего iPhone. Для его идеального и гладкого функционирования, важно, чтобы подключить ваш iPhone и Sony BRAVIA TV/устройств с тем же Wi-Fi соединение.
Почему Remote для мобильного удаленного приложения Sony является самым высоким выбором пользователей?
• Простой и очень удобный интерфейс
• Он очень совместим со всеми ТЕЛЕВИЗОРами Sony.
• Он отлично работает для всех устройств Sony, включая мультимедийные проигрыватели Sony • легкая навигация по стрелкам вверх, вниз, вправо и влево.
• Переключение каналов и легкая регулировка громкости.
• Простое управление средствами массовой информации, как YouTube, Netflix и т.д.

Только одно требование:
Мобильное устройство, а также телевизор Sony BRAVIA TV должны быть подключены к той же сети Wi-Fi или Ethernet.

Отказ от ответственности: Кодематикс не является аффилированным лицом Sony, и это приложение не является официальным продуктом Sony.
Кодематикс Sony BRAVIA пульт дистанционного управления является третья сторона приложение для Sony BRAVIA телевизор разработан и принадлежит Кодематикс услуги (ПВТ) Ltd.

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2,8 из 5
Оценок: 134

Оценок: 134

lwalt694 ,


So, I bought a one of the top of the line brand new Sony TVs. And I thought to myself, “self, wouldn’t the app make things easier?” So I downloaded the app....and at first there weren’t adds but the volume wouldn’t work, so I updated to the latest version and guess what?! They want me to PAY to remove ads! What a load of tripe! So if you update to this app and you’re changing channels they throw a full screen add at you. I hate that! Oh and if my tv remote worked the way it should I wouldn’t even have this app! Tv remote eats AAA batteries, can’t get them to last more than 2 days and that’s AFTER I disabled voice assist. “No!” I’m not even gonna say ‘no thank you’ anymore because I’m tired of being the nice guy to all the empty souls trying to make a buck or two by selling advertisements. Is the tv worth it? Yeah, it’s a great tv, but the app and the remote need a lot of fixing.

Ответ разработчика ,

Thank You for your feedback. We are sorry about the inconvinience you had using the app. Ads were there in the first version too but there was no option to remove them. Now we have given the option to remove the ads and purchase the ad free version of the app by paying a little amount.
Ads are placed in the apps to support developement and timely updates. You have an option to remove the ads by paying small amount and enjoy using the ads free version forever.
Besides that, Let us know the TV Model so we can look into the issue why volume isn't working. Please feel free to contact us for any queries you may have.

Dangermouse0 ,

Does not work for Sony “Devices”

This app does not recognize my Sony Blu-ray player. Even after logging the correct ip addy, the app says the ip “doesn’t seem to function.” I’ve been through all of the system and network settings, made sure the devices are all on the same network, and even did soft and hard resets. ¡Nada!

The developer writes in every response that the app is “fully functional.” With Bravia tv’s, maybe. It does not function with other Sony devices; Blu-ray players in particular.

The developer also writes how the app works with BRAVIA devices. Here’s the thing, the ONLY devices that are BRAVIA, are tv’s. Some new phones have BRAVIA video engines, but there do not exist any Sony non-tv devices that are BRAVIA.

So Ms/Miss/Missus/Mister developer, I recommend you take another swing at this and make it work with all Sony devices, and stop telling customers that it works with all BRAVIA “devices.”

Ответ разработчика ,

Thank you for your detailed feedback. We have tested our remote on Sony Bravia TVs and that is why we have the title of the app as "Remote for Sony TV- Bravia". We have not yet tested it on Sony Blu-ray.
If there are no Sony non-tv devices that are BRAVIA then what's wrong in telling the customers that it works with all BRAVIA devices. :)
We are continuously working on to improve our app and make it fully functional with other Sony Devices. We will let you know once we test and make it functional for Blu-Ray Player.
Let us know how we can help you. Stay Blessed and Happy :)

rocknan25 ,

Can’t test it. App Crashes

I would have liked to test this on my new Bravia but it keeps crashing. It finds my tv on my network immediately. I select it to connect and an ad immediately pops up. I close the ad, the app starts to connect to TV but crashes. Every time. After 5 attempts i gave up. Oh well. By the way, I’m using an Apples XS with the latest software.

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