SoundMind: Music Therapy Ratings and Reviews

4.7 out of 5
89 Ratings

89 Ratings

andrewdrewdrew ,

Better than all other meditation apps out there!

I have searched far and wide for the most suitable program for my mental health needs, and I have concluded my search: There is no better mindful app out there than SoundMind.

After trialing all the other competing apps out there like Headapace and Calm, I’ve decided that I prefer SoundMind’s alternative features that are totally customizable and tailored to you. You can choose your own sounds that you want to practice your mindfulness with, and their avatars very much lead you along your journey. You also don’t get bombarded with a gajillion ads or upsell opportunities to buy their non-free products and services…

Not to mention, SoundMind is taking the initiative to showcase amazing artists, including lofi music like the Arden Records roster and some other cool artists I just learned about recently. They’re definitely doing it the right way, and I support what SoundMind is bringing into this world!

soccerjg ,


I had randomly came across this app about a couple months ago and gave it a shot and needless to say I am so thankful that I started using it. It has helped me tremendously through some hard times. I started this app mainly due to my depression caused by COVID-19 and I continue to use it frequently throughout the day almost every single day. I noticed my depression building up while in quarantine so now post quarantine, I am grateful to be able to have an app like soundmind on my phone because it has really helped me and benefited my mental state . I use this app around 3 times a day, once when I first woke up, once before I go to bed and if I needed to, I would do it at random points throughout the day. This app has gotten me through post quarantine depression and I will continue to use this app and I recommend the app sound mind to all of my friends & family members. 10/10 app

Gymnast5555 ,

Amazing App.

This app is everything I could have asked for and more. I wish I can personally thank each and every person that has worked on this. I suffer from severe Anxiety and PTSD due to a past relationship that involved; sexual, emotional and physical abuse. Sound mind has allowed me a chance to finally clear my mind, and formulate sounds specific to my struggles. I have used this app and extraordinary amount already, and it was only released yesterday. It helped me fall asleep peacefully and quickly last night, opposed to my normal hours of struggling. It helped me wake up this morning happy and eager to start my day. I cannot wait to implement this app in my everyday routine and see where the developers go with this. Amazing, amazing job, if I could give it 100 stars, I would!

momofthePNW ,

Customizable well-being

I really like being able to choose the sounds to help me find a few minutes of calm. Tracking my mood each day is a wonderful feature of this app. Really looking forward to the brain exercises to come.

CocoShernelle ,

Excited to see an effective app!

Shoutout to Gigi for partnering with amazing people to create this app. I already love it and how user friendly it is. I like the emergency contact feature and message you can send as well. I can’t wait till the games launch associated with brain exercises.

Yogi@CA ,

Peace, Serenity, Relaxation

This app is pretty amazing. I’m relaxed and at peace. I have the music playing in the background right now and I feel like i’m sinking into my couch. The developers did a great job with this app and have figured out a way to bring sound/music as a form of therapy. Thank you!!!

pilotgabs ,

Helped my anxiety

I got the chance to meet the founders of soundmind at their recent event and each one of them was so pleasant to speak with. After using soundmind for some time it helps me focus during work and calm my anxiety. Definitely recommend !

Thirrouard ,

Amazing app created by amazing people

Went to their launch event at the Grammy museum downtown and after hearing so much good things from the creators i was excited to try it ! Didn’t disappoint so far ! Can’t wait to explore and see the community building

VibeQueen ,

Amazing experience & easy to use!

Love this app and not just because I’m on it as an artist! It features so many great tools for relaxation and I LOVE the different sounds. Thank you for the opportunity for being a part of this! ❤️❤️❤️

jrdn_smth ,

One of a kind, life-changing app!

SoundMind merges the worlds of music, visuals & more all centered around the goal of positively impacting the user’s mental health. Whether you have anxiety, depression, a bad day, stress, just need to relax. etc. I would recommend SoundMind to anyone!