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"The book that you're abandoning may be the treasure of others." We hope everyone would share the book with people, so that the value of the book can be passed on.

1. An auction platform designed for buying and selling books
Reading, sharing becomes more convenient: a place for you to buy books, anytime, anywhere to search for your favorite book category and share your books with others

2. Mobile App makes you more convenient
Anytime, anywhere: the phone will not stop you reading, but you can read more. Here, when the system found that you are interested in the general category of books you can immediately notify you.

3. 100% free of charge
Selling a book, reading a book: selling a book is to hope you can read more and make the book can be passed on, so, Sparktake will not charge you any fees. Selling money, you can use to read more, do more meaningful things.

Sparktake Frequently Asked Questions:
1. What is the difference between Sparktake and the general secondary auction platform?
* The same is our second-hand items. But we are more focused on the books, each of our features are to promote the sale of books, we hope that the public can use cheaper prices to buy some books are idle, so that the value of the book to be retained And heritage.

2. What is your focus on the book? There are no specific examples?
· Each book can be uploaded using the ISBN, so that the information to the book more comprehensive. In addition, our system will make it easier for users to explore new books to design, to ensure that you can see on the platform you are interested in some of the books you are interested in. In addition, we allow you to focus on a book / book, when the book shelves, you can immediately receive a notice, the book becomes more simple (related functions in Version 1 may not be able to launch all)

3. Will the future money?
· We do not plan to charge any fees for the next 10 years in the community buying and selling process. Every minute we use to help you build a more tailored to your needs and more valuable to you on the platform. We just want to share some of the resources are idle.

4. Buy / sell the book process to do?
1. Download Sparktake App to become a member.
2. Upload the book, price, picture and basic information you want to sell
3. App with the chat room to carry out the communication between buyers and sellers,
4. Select a mutually agreeable and convenient transaction mode
5. Determine the transaction


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2 个评分




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