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Spatial Szn 1 introduces 6 fresh titles, with some paying homage to cherished classics like Punch Hero and Racing Empire.
These games are meant to inspire both developers and players everywhere to create, play & share experiences in Spatial!


Unleash Your Creativity with Spatial!
Explore, play, and connect with millions of creators from all over the globe. Discover breathtaking 3D virtual worlds, customize your virtual identity, collaborate with friends, and conquer quests like never before. With stunning 3D graphics and live text & voice chat, Spatial is the ultimate platform for unlocking your imagination with friends online!

Already have an account? Log in with your existing Spatial account and jump into millions of virtual worlds right from your smartphone.

Explore Endless Immersive Worlds
Join our global community of explorers and experience art, culture, concerts, games and events like never before! Play epic quests, discover creative communities, and elevate your daily connections by meeting creators from all over the world. Jump in and explore millions of interactive experiences today!

Customize Your Personal Character
Unleash your personal style, with Ready Player Me customizable avatars! Create a custom avatar with virtual fashion from top brands like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, and more. Experiment with endless clothing, hair, and face combinations, or go wild with crazy costumes. All identities are welcome in the world of Spatial!

Connect With Millions of Creators
Use your voice in real-time to speak with friends from all over the world! Spatial spaces are always live allowing for instant connection. Want some privacy? Join a private room & invite only your friends–your space, your rules.

Want To Build Worlds Or Games On Spatial?
Spatial is the best platform to transform your 3D creations into a live multiplayer experience across Web, Mobile & VR. Build an audience around your creativity & start sharing your creations with the World. Ready to start building? Visit to “Create a Space” or visit to learn more about publishing Unity games & worlds to Spatial in one click. No coding or fees apply.

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الإصدار 6.117.0

To make Spatial work better for our community, we deliver regular app updates. These updates include bug fixes and improvements for speed and performance reliability.

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RainafazzAF ،

The Diner Studio LOVES Spatial

Spatial listens regularly to its users and implements what the community wants. Avatars now have legs! And furthermore, we wanted our legs to cross when wearing skirts and dresses. Done! My web3 business partners and I meet here weekly, we host showcase events for artists and creators, and have participated in everything from music events, karaoke, and dance parties. The future with Spatial is unending! Great job with mobile integration! And they report all blockchain support will be coming over time! The opportunity for individuals and web3 businesses to build a career in this space is amazing. I’m seeing it being done right before my eyes.

Robayo.J ،

The app works good, but need video settings

I have used the app for different events and it works pretty good compared to other ones. I would say that moving around the images and frames is a bit difficult, specially if you accidentally put it behind a wall. Also it would be awesome that you could have video settings like being able to play automatically once you are in a certain distance or let people play the video without having to edited (if you lock the frame of the video you won’t be able to play it or stop it). It’s a bit enjoying when you are working with several ones in an environment.

Beautiful app but need a lot of work.

accidentally in love ،

Navigating New Horizons: A WayQueer CEO’s Journey with Spatial” 🌍🚀

Diving into the virtual world with Spatial feels like embarking on a thrilling adventure through uncharted territories. Much like the WayQueer Travel Society’s quest for inclusive travel experiences, Spatial brings a sense of exploration to collaboration.

The immersive experience Spatial offers is akin to teleporting across dimensions, making meetings and brainstorming sessions feel like exciting journeys. It’s as if we’re charting new paths from the comfort of our screens.

What truly sets Spatial apart is its ability to foster seamless collaboration, akin to the teamwork and camaraderie I’ve experienced in the Navy and now with our society. It’s a platform that bridges distances and brings people together effortlessly.

In summary, Spatial is a transformative tool that mirrors the spirit of adventure and togetherness we value at WayQueer Travel Society. It’s a virtual companion that helps us navigate the digital landscape with ease and enthusiasm.

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