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Spell Fight is a turn-based combat game where you fight against other players casting spells by drawing shapes.

Master your fighter's spells and think strategically to assemble powerful combos and win matches.

- Turn-based fight game
- Draw shapes to cast your fighter's spells
- 10-sec turn duration, so think quick
- Amazing 2D graphics and effects

- To cast a spell, you need to draw the shape displayed on the spells list during your turn
- You can only cast one attack and one defense or only one special during your turn
- You have only 10 sec during your turn to cast a spell
- Each spell will cost you energy
- There are three types of spells, Attack, Defense and Special
- Attack spells will inflict damage to the enemy directly during your turn
- Defense spells are cast during your turn but will be activated if your opponent attacks you with an attack compatible with your defense (e.g Kick Block stops all Kick Attacks)
- Special spells will provide special effects during a certain amount of rounds
- Don't spare your opponent, after 5 rounds the damage will be doubled!
- The first who wins 2 rounds wins the match

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Что нового

Версия 1.0.1

- Bug Fixes
- New UI Enhancement

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