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Can you handle your chili?

Blast passed hardcore enemies, tackle tricky platforms, be the chili eating contest victor!

In Spicy Piggy, set a world beating time and test your reactions while literally on fire. Succeed and you will be rewarded with some refreshing Cool-Aid.

- One button play, easy to do, difficult to master
- Exciting worlds containing Killer Robots, Terrifying Trees and Sadistic Soft Toys
- Fast paced gameplay requiring ninja pig reactions
- Time Trials, become the worlds best on this global stage
- Loads of challenging levels
- The hardest platformer ever

-Important information-
This game contains third party advertising and cross promotion for other Nitrome games, both which can be removed via a one time In App Purchase.

Notes et avis

3.5 sur 5
234 notes

234 notes

kapon0 ,

Great game, stupid ads, needs work on reaction time

This game is truthfully fun, and it’s a great experience‼️ What makes me angry is not the game itself, but the stupid ads messing up my groove and pattern. And you also give the ads that take about 7 taps to get out of and it angers me, and most of the time, I get very close to deleting the whole game. It’s ironic how the ads are making me more angry than the game itself is trying to achieve. Another issue I have with the game is the reaction time when pressing buttons, there’s times where the buttons don’t react when I press them and it messes up my rhythm.

Tonythetigon ,

Fun and HARD.

This game has taken so much of my time but I still find every level to be exciting and frustrating. Trail and error is key. Completing a level is quite satisfying and the rush is like nectar. The pixel graphics are also very tasteful.
There are 5 (not including the tutorial) worlds and the difficulty is compounded with each world of 6 levels. Each world introduces a new concept and every other level shows the player a new way to use that mechanic where the others focus on building each skill to the max. If you search hard enough you may also find some secret shortcuts in levels so look out for those!
There are also goals set by each level to earn stars which help you progress(3 stars per level. 1 for completing, 1 for getting a certain amount of collectable and 1 for completing the level in time.)

All in all this game is very good and I have had a blast pulling out my hair while playing it.

SirFlop ,


This game is beautiful and fun and I want to love it, but there are glitches that make the frustratingly difficult become just frustrating and angering. You need fast twitch controls in this game.
I know I’m hitting the buttons and the spicy piggy isn’t jumping. Is there like a half second delay after landing that’s supposed to be part of the game?
Another thing that keeps happening, I’ll reach a checkpoint and it’ll show me the start, but the spicy piggy isn’t there. And it’ll just keep looping.
Until these glitches are fixed it’s not worth getting too invested in this beautiful little game, but it’s free, unless you pay to have ads removed.

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