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Sencillo pero potente, Splice hace que resulte fácil crear vídeos totalmente personalizados de aspecto profesional con tu iPhone o iPad. Imagina la potencia de un editor de escritorio, pero optimizado para tu teléfono móvil. Toca para recortar clips, ajusta las transiciones, añade efectos de cámara lenta y mucho más para crear vídeos espectaculares que te encantará compartir. Nunca había sido tan fácil editar desde cualquier lugar como los profesionales.

«El mejor editor de vídeo para el iPhone»
- Lifehacker, dic 2015

Mejor uso de una cámara móvil
- Ganador del premio Webby 2016

Premio de oro
- Premios Best Mobile App, oct 2015

+ Sincroniza automáticamente tu vídeo con el ritmo de la música.
+ Aplica filtros y ajusta los colores de fondo, la orientación y mucho más.
+ Añade diapositivas de título, textos superpuestos y un cierre personalizado.
+ Ajusta la velocidad de reproducción para lograr movimiento a cámara rápida o lenta.
+ Recorta, corta y reencuadra tus fotos y clips de vídeo.
+ Escoge tu estilo de transición y controla la velocidad entre transiciones.
+ Haz que tus fotos cobren vida con efectos de barrido y zoom.

+ Elige entre una enorme variedad de música y efectos de sonido, o bien usa una canción de tu propia colección de iTunes (sujeto a las condiciones de iTunes).
+ Añade voz en off o efectos de sonido personalizados con el grabador de voz integrado.
+ Recorta y mezcla varias pistas de audio de forma precisa.

+ Comparte directamente en YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Mail, Mensajes etc.
+ Guarda vídeos en la fototeca.


Suscríbete para aprovechar todas las características descritas anteriormente.
• Duración de la suscripción: semanal, mensual, anual
• Tu pago se cargará a tu cuenta de iTunes tan pronto confirmes su compra.
• Puedes gestionar tus suscripciones y desactivar la renovación automática desde los Ajustes de tu cuenta luego de la compra.
• Tu suscripción se renovará automáticamente a menos que desactives la renovación automática al menos 24 horas antes de que finalice el período actual.
• El costo de la renovación se cargará en tu cuenta en las 24 horas previas al final del período actual.
• Al cancelar tu suscripción, ésta permanecerá activa hasta que finalice el período. La renovación automática se deshabilitará pero no se dará reintegro por la suscripción actual.
• Se perderá cualquier sección sin utilizar de un período de prueba gratuito, de haber sido ofrecido, al comprar una suscripción.

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Versión 4.1.15

Hello lovely Splicers,
Hope you're enjoying editing your lovely winter projects with Splice. With this update we've squashed a few nasty bugs. Watch out for cool features in the future updates, and don't hesitate to write to at

Valoraciones y reseñas

4.7 de 5
120.1 k valoraciones

120.1 k valoraciones

Awesome a dawg ,


These are the kind of apps that trump whatever generic app apple makes you have from the start. imovie is fine and all, but personally, my go to is always splice. I can edit videos super quick, and I love the fact that it comes with free music and sound effects. I've had this app for years and never run into a problem with it. I decided to write a review now because more people should know about it. It has everything imovie offers AND more. I don't think you can detach the audio though, but personally, detaching the audio in imovie always ends up as a disaster. The "and more" and best thing in my opinion is that you can add text, make it any size, choose from fun fonts, choose from a variety of colors, and pinch and place it however you want on the screen. I think splice has more transition options as well. Absolutely hands down one of the most rewarding features is that it lets you save 1080p videos without any annoying watermarks or self promotion (you can turn off their logo at the end of the video or keep it). The only thing I would say is MORE MORE MORE. More transitions, more music, more sound effects would be nice, but I haven't run into a situation where I was absolutely in need of something else. Everything they have suffices just as well, but that is the only thing I would suggest :) Happy splicing!

scotty321 ,

Nearly perfect video editor!

This is a pretty amazing professional video editing app that has many of the features that you would expect from a professional video editing app! Even better, the app is so intuitive and so easy to use that you will feel like you are an expert of this app within just a few minutes of using it! It’s truly amazing! There is simply no comparison between this app and Apple’s iMovie. However, it could use a few small improvements, including more responsive technical support. We sent a few emails to technical support 4 or 5 days ago, and still haven’t heard back from them yet. Furthermore, the program makes some things more difficult than they need to be — for example, when you insert text onto a video clip, it ALWAYS makes the length of the text the ENTIRE LENGTH OF YOUR VIDEO CLIP with no quick way to change it. Other video editing apps insert text at just 5 seconds, and then you can quickly change it from there. There is also no way to pull the audio from a video clip and just use that audio as a narration track for other video clips. We also have continual difficulty trying to trim the end of a video clip by dragging the end of the video — this app often things that we are trying to MOVE the video clip. (We end up splitting and deleting to prevent this from happening.) Hopefully the team behind this app is listening and will continue to improve this app! It’s already an excellent app! :)

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Hi, we are beyond happy and proud to know what you think about the app as well as to know the difficulties you are experiencing. Both are invaluable knowledge for us and we will definitely use them to improve the app in the next releases and to ensure that it matches the needs and expectations of our users. We are also sorry that our support did not live up to your expectations. We are doing our best to make sure all our users can easily retrieve all the instructions they need to get the most out of the app. You are welcome to check out our FAQ at the following link:! Please feel free to contact us by email again to for any future need! Keep on splicing!

DynamiteAustenite ,

Absolutely great aside for a couple of minor inconveniences!

I am absolutely LOVING all of the new features, especially the fact that I can now use the text to make subtitles!! The design is sleek and modern, the view screen is bigger, there are more sound effects, I can crop it down to square size for Instagram, etc. I’m loving it!
My only issues thus far have been with editing the music. I’m working on my big ‘ol iPad, yet I nonetheless have a reeeeeeeally hard time finding the hit box for the slide bar that’s supposed to help me “crop” the music. I end up just awkwardly moving it to the side instead of shortening or lengthening the clip, and it gets very frustrating. I had to get out my Apple Pencil in order to get the job done.
The other thing I’m struggling with is that, with my projects, I usually work with small music segments. In the most recent one, I’m using only five seconds of the provided music. To do that, I unfortunately have to go aaaaaaaaall the way to the end of the video and drag it down to size little by little. Then again, I’m not sure if that’s because this app was made for bigger videos.
Thus far, those are the only things I would change! This app is the greatest video editing app I’ve found up to date. I’ve been using it for about two years now. Thank you so much for providing this app!


Edicion de videos y musica
Increíbles funciones de edición de video!
Prueba gratuita


Bending Spoons Apps IVS
187.5 MB
Foto y vídeo

Requiere iOS 11 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.


Español, Alemán, Chino simplificado, Chino tradicional, Coreano, Francés, Inglés, Italiano, Japonés, Portugués, Ruso, Turco

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  1. Edicion de videos y musica $2.99
  2. Splice $2.99
  3. Splice $1.99


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