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4.7 out of 5
442 Ratings

442 Ratings

Stebb76 ,

Best Team Communication App Ever

With most of these team communication apps they provide some really great features but none of them have everything that want so I pick the one gives most of what I want and workaround the limitations for what the app doesn’t offer. So far everything that I’ve wanted is available either in the app or through the website. This app is going to make organizing for the team I coach much easier.

Developer Response ,

We are happy to hear we are able to cover most of your needs! We strive to be better- so if you have any feature ideas do let us know😄
You can reach us through the help centre in the app, at support@spond.com or here.
Best, Cathrine at Spond

katmn019 ,

Spond review

I haven’t had the app for long, but I’m already loving it! I love how you can change the settings to where everyone can create there own and elaborate or set it so just the administrator can do it, or even a mixture of both! This makes it really easy for whatever event your planning or activity you are a part of. I also love how it is really easy to add people to a group using your contacts. Thanks for making this app :D

Developer Response ,

Thanks a lot for you super review and for using Spond :D

B&C 091206 ,

Some areas of the app do not work with voiceover

As a voiceover user, I currently cannot create an event, poll, etc. when I try voiceover‘s focus is on the home page of the app, and does not indicate any of the choices to create an event or poll, etc.
this issue is also present when you are in a group and trying to add a new event. I am guessing that perhaps a Modal window appears, and that is where the choices might be located. If this is correct voice overs, focus should transfer to that modal window and should be restricted to it until the person has made a choice.

Developer Response ,

Thank you so much for your feedback, we highly appreciate it!
We will look further into this, and if you could please contact us at support@spond.com with your contact information we can keep you updated of the progress. Please refer to your app review.
Kind regards, Cathrine at Spond

Bbourgeois4 ,

Love this app!

I manage two youth soccer teams and it’s so helpful and easy to navigate! I would love to post a challenge for my players and have them post a one minute video of them completing the challenge. Any chance you guys could work on getting videos as an option???

Developer Response ,

Thanks for your review and feedback. We are hoping that we can make support for video upload in the future although I can't promise when yet, sorry about that. I have registered your feedback around this, thank you :) Please dont hesitate to get in touch on support@spond.com if you have any other questions or feedback

John Ryan Ryans Raul ,

Bug I noticed

Sometimes when receiving notifications (specifically for comments for events and direct messages) I will get repeat notifications. Once when it is initially received, and another time usually around 5-30 minutes after receiving the message, even if I have viewed and responded to the message. It’s just kind of annoying and confusing. Beside that, overall good app.

Developer Response ,

Thank you for your review and feedback, John!
If you could please send us a message to our support team through the app or email to suppor@spond.com with further information with the type of notifications you receive multiple times, we can further troubleshoot and fix possible bug. :-)
Kind regards, Cathrine at Spond

TyDoug ,

Great Alternative to TeamSnap

I love this app. There are just a couple things I would love to see to make it even better and more effective for managing teams.

1. An option to enter final scores. Then when the game has passed, the final score shows on the screen.

2. The ability to record game points per player, maybe even other stats like rebounds, assists, fouls, etc. Customized based on the sport.

3. The ability to archive teams for future use. Some seasons you may run less teams but keeping them on the active screen is too much. The ability to archive would be great.

These additions would make this app the go to app for sports teams.

Developer Response ,

Thank you for your positive review and feedback. At the moment we don’t have this feature but I have registered your suggestion in our system so we can take it into consideration. If you have any more suggestions or questions feel free to contact us at support@spond.com

Best regards,
Iris at Spond

mooferus ,

Way too frustrating with multiple teams

When you have multiple kids or multiple teams per kid, the non-stop notifications with no context about where the messages are coming from will drive you insane. There is no guidance for managers to label chats with team info to help differentiate either. Also, some messages are only visible from the web interface.

It’d be nice if the app supported external keyboards for input as well. As it is now, the input boxes go away completely as soon as the keyboard is connected.

Developer Response ,

Thanks for your feedback and sorry to hear you find some of the features frustrating. Could you please send us an email on support@spond.com and elaborate a bit more so we can look into all of this further? In terms of notifications with no context, can you please give some examples? All messages should be visible both in the app and on web, can you give some examples on this too, please? Really appreciate your feedback so thanks for taking your time to share. Many thanks, Helen at Spond

Riley Royer ,

Best decision ever!

I run a soccer group that plays 2-3x a week.
I used to control attendance by sending individual texts until I had the desired number. I never knew how nice coordinating could be with the help of this app.
Thank you for your work on it!

Developer Response ,

Hi, and thanks for your nice comment and feedback, Riley Royer.

We are grateful that you like our app, and we work constantly to ensure that you as a user of the app have the best possible experience at all times.

If there is anything you wish to contact us about, you can do this by sending an email to this adress: support@spond.com.

Best regards,

Dcemaine ,

Calendar sync broken?

I had recently been able to choose a specific calendar out of my iPhone personalized calendar app list. This seems to have disappeared or broken since the latest update. That calendar selection option no longer knows about my custom calendars. The FAQ is useless and any help links just dump me back to the top of the single FAQ page.

Hiddenpanda02 ,

Notification sounds

The notification sound for spond is very quiet for me personally especially since I have some hearing loss. It would be amazing if I had the ability to change it to something else. otherwise the app is useful and helps with my team’s communication.

Developer Response ,

We appreciate your feedback regarding the sound and fully understand it. Your feedback along with others who have the same feedback have been registered for consideration for further development of Spond.