Square Go Ratings and Reviews

4.9 out of 5
72.5K Ratings

72.5K Ratings

BXJen88 ,

Amazing Application

Love this application for my clients. I’m a licensed esthetician, and the layout is dope. My clients can see all their past visits and rebook easily with no problems. I seen a review with 1 star, stating square is collecting customer info, but ever app is, and about clients being exposed to other artist?! If your not confident in your work and service, I understand why this app would be scary, but it’s not. Clients are mostly loyal and if you’re providing amazing service your reviews will speak for themselves, thank you square, I’ve been using you for over 5 years and exposing other businesses to your services is my fav!!! Keep up the amazing work and upgrades!! We are loving them over here!!

Ewilliams937 ,

Needs improvement

I’m an esthetician and use Square for my salon business. All the positive points others have stated in their reviews are accurate, and I love the app for that.

Where the app needs improvement is in the area of confirmations and reminders. I’m signed up for the (paid) square membership that allows you to send appointment reminders and confirmations (in addition to what’s included with the basic/free membership). I’ve found that any guest of mine with the app downloaded, no longer receives their reminders. This app has now lost me several hundred dollars worth of services due to no shows. It doesn’t feel right to apply a cancellation/no show charge to a guest that didn’t receive a reminder (even if it’s their responsibility to keep track of their schedule).

I tell them to download SquareGo to make booking easier, which it does, but then they don’t get the reminders they depend on, and then I lose out of the money for that service when they don’t show up.

I’ve contacted square customer service about this and all I ever hear is ‘thank you for the feedback, we will pass the information along to our app development team’. I never receive solid information on when a fix is coming or how to avoid the issue.

Love the app, but I’m actively telling customers to delete it.

Andygooden ,

Very useful!

Most barbers don’t have a website to book and they’re occasionally occupied at the moment when you call and the ones that do have a website it’s difficult to navigate or the website may be down. But with this!, it seems that I get a quicker response for my hair cut appointment and it sends a confirmation that my barber accepted it and if I need to reschedule there’s an option for that too! Very quick, easy and time saving!

-Trum ,


I’ve worked really hard as a business owner to get customers and provide a living for me and my family. Do not do business with Square. They are pretending to be a booking app but they are now promoting an app to MY CUSTOMERS, that I acquired, and promoting other competing Barber Shops to my customers that are booking directly on my website. I acquired my customers through word of mouth, one of the hardest things to do for a young business owner, just to have Square come in and start promoting the “SQUARE GO” app… an app that is no better than “BOOKSY”. They make you, the business owner believe that they are just here to be a calendar, but in reality they are just using you to steal your customers data and then undermine you as a business owner and promote other businesses to your customers. Trashy way to do business. Do not trust SQUARE.

^jh ,

A Cut Above The Rest

Amanda is an exceptional hairstylist and I am fully confident that she will provide the very best of judgement and service when it comes to my hair. She’s enjoyed years of experience and attends seminars for continued learning on the latest trends, techniques and hair care products. Amanda is conscientious, very knowledgeable and she is always open to my ideas and concerns so together we can achieve the most pleasing outcome. Thank you, Amanda! V Hecko

Rahtha ,

Found some really good local businesses near me

I have forever been looking for a good scalp massage place. I had almost given up when I found this app and voila found myself a good scalp massage place. The UI is very slick and fast. No complaints. Thank you for connecting me to the businesses in my community. I am glad I can support local commerce and also feel rejuvenated at the same time!

Jackie_Hair ,

Amazing 🤩

I’ve been using the new App and sharing with my clients for a couple of months now. So far I have had no problems with it. Loved how automatically it listed all the businesses I’ve personally interacted with or have made past appts with. My clients are very impressed when I tell them about and compliments how professional this option I offer them is. Love, love, love!

Knighty452 ,

Good start!

It’s fine I guess, would be much better if there was an easy way to manage the place I visit frequently. Would love to quickly switch between places and see the times they have available. For now it’s a nice simple solution to keep tabs on my upcoming appointments. Also, I’d really like to tip from within the app, I HATE tipping at the register 😖.

Madmorris007 ,

Love My Days With The Staff !!

From the time you open the door and walk in everyone is so very welcoming and friendly. The Decor and Personalities of the staff really make the Salon pop!!! I am so so very thankful to my sister in law for recommending Carmela for my nail needs…
Devon Rocks with her waxing expertise and I just absolutely recommend this salon for all your needs…. You will always walk out satisfied , I know I do…

Observations past 8 visits ,

Salon health quality control

It’s important that a blow dry hair salon have some type of air quality control vent system. The amount of chemicals that are floating throughout every time I walk in has had me concerned. The girls do a great job, however isn’t it time to take care of your employees as well as customers that come in and out on a weekly basis. Can you imagine, the young ladies working there 12 hour shifts how much contaminants are going into their lungs.
I’m very surprised that there isn’t some type of proper venting system installed. This is going to catch up with your company.
Thank you please address the issue