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The free app that turns your iPhone photos into cash

Use Stockimo to upload your photos and we’ll sell them on Alamy, the world’s largest website for picture buyers, where images sell from $1 to $20,000. Stockimo is the first choice app for creative people who take photos using their mobile phones, want to make money and showcase their work to a global audience.

Alamy already knows how to sell pictures, paying out $140M to photographers since it began, so you’ll be joining an established global marketplace where photos sell.

Shoot what you love and be as creative and adventurous as you like. Submit interesting places and people and of-the-moment photography that documents the world. What you take is up to you!

Uploading is so quick you can turn a spare moment into spare cash.

How it works:

Upload your smartphone photos
Describe each image with a caption and tag key features and concepts to be used as ‘keywords’ to help customers find your photos
Submit and get your photos rated
Photos are rated out of 4, if you get an average score above 2 the photo gets in
If your photos are accepted, they’ll go on sale at and its distribution network
The app will tell you when your photos sell
You’ll get paid your share every month if you’ve made over $10
There’s an early bird offer where you’ll earn 40% commission on every sale, after that it’s 20%.

You keep the copyright, your photos stay on Alamy to sell again and again.

Key features:

Unlimited uploads
Very simple to use
Upload filtered images, including photos taken with other apps (Instagram, Hipstamatic, Snapseed etc)
Images get rated by photo experts
Build your portfolio and put your creativity to the test
iPhone 4s and above

ما الجديد

الإصدار 1.5.2

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Minor bug fixes, changes in response to GDPR and compatibility with HEIC photo format.

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Puerto2014 ،

Lots of work needed

This app is very inconsistent in performance. Network connection is often weak (only with this app), and the upload does not consistently allow easy access to photos in albums or library. Very hit or miss. I have had to delete and upload multiple times to kickstart it again.

Cheese on a stranded farm ،

Testing review complaints, review is a work in progress.

Testing out some reviews, someone said there’s a uploading bug. This isn’t completely accurate, It seems unlike other apps, if you loose signal for just a second it doesn’t pause and continue when reconnected. Instead it fails and you have to restart your submission, So it’s just rather low tech. My WiFi couldn’t handle the uninterrupted signal so I switched to data and got my photos uploaded. I did notice some low quality images (that looks like an infant played with someones phone camera) approved, and apparently liked by customers which aligns with the complaints I read in reviews. Still, I won’t call time of app death like others do until I check for a pulse and do a little CPR. Fingers crossed it’s a diamond in the rough, I would really enjoy this app if it’s professional enough.
Update: so far my bad images were rejected as expected, and my good ones were accepted. I would like to say I’m surprised my bad images were actually rejected considering the worse images I’ve seen “liked by customers” that obviously had been approved previously. However they judged me on a professional skill level which I appreciate. I just wish they judged everyone’s skill the same.

owat118 ،

Jury’s still out...

I find the app easy to use, if a bit redundant. I do wish there was a way to add tags you have used recently a little easier rather than starting from scratch each time. I find the rating system, however, curious and extremely inconsistent, as if it is more personal opinion than a consistent standard across the board. That would explain the inconsistencies. I have never had a photo rejected, but that in itself to me is curious. Also, the Instagram account is what has made me really question the legitimacy of the company. If you look at Getty, for instance, everything looks professional, clean. Stockimo Instagram is haphazard and... confusing. They feature photography that is laden with filters and obscurity, the kind of thing a kid would do. And, if that is their brand or style, then ok, you would know what they are looking for, but it’s not just that. They go further and feature photos that are so vague and honestly look as if someone accidentally hit the shutter while fumbling with their phone, and not in a cool, unexpected way, but in a “you really should have just deleted that” sort of way. 😬 There are some really profound pictures too though, so, yeah, I am always left scratching my head a bit. 🤔 Jury’s still out...

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