Con su interfaz fácil de usar, Stop Motion Studio te permite crear películas bonitas fotograma a fotograma.

Es fácil de utilizar, engañosamente poderoso e increíblemente divertido jugar con él.

Editor de películas con todas las funciones:
• Interfaz fácil de utilizar
• Modo de superposición y de cuadrícula para colocar objetos animados con mayor facilidad
• Copia y pega marcos
• Editor de películas fotograma a fotograma con Timeline

Crea películas bonitas:
• Títulos, créditos y tarjetas de texto únicos.
• Dale a tu película el aspecto perfecto con diferentes filtros de vídeo
• Añade los primeros planos, fondos y efectos de transición
• Crea una banda sonora con música incorporada y efectos de sonido, canciones de tu biblioteca de música y tu propia narración
• Rotoscopia: importa clips de vídeo y crea animaciones impresionantes
• Pantalla verde: cambia el fondo de tu escena para hacer que el objeto vuele o aparezca en cualquier lugar que puedas imaginar
• Utiliza un teclado para editar las películas rápidamente

• Captura con un intervalo de tiempo ajustable
• Control total de la cámara con balance de blancos automático o manual, enfoque y exposición, ISO y velocidad de obturación
• Utiliza un segundo dispositivo como cámara remota
• Utiliza tu Apple Watch como un disparador remoto
• Utilízalo con tu cámara réflex digital habilitada para wifi **

Potente editor de imágenes:
• Añade texto y bocadillos o crea títulos
• Añade expresiones faciales a las figuras de LEGO®
• Retoca imágenes y pinta
• Elimina los objetos no deseados
• Fusiona los marcos para simular movimientos rápidos

Comparte con amigos y familiares:
• Guárdalo en tu dispositivo o compártelo en YouTube en 4K o 1080p
• Guárdalo como un GIF animado
• Guarda todas las imágenes
• Transfiere fácilmente proyectos entre dispositivos
• Empieza en tu dispositivo móvil y sigue en tu Mac
• Publícalo en Stop Motion TV

* Algunas características requieren compras en la aplicación. Todas las características ya están incluidas en la versión Pro.
** Cámaras DSLR compatibles: Sony a5000, Sony DSC-QX10


Versión 10.4

Gracias por usar Stop Motion Studio. Hemos solucionado algunos errores menores. Agradecemos sus comentarios a

Valoraciones y reseñas

4.5 de 5
21.1 mil valoraciones

21.1 mil valoraciones

Fitzgeral_the_Frenchie ,

Amazing app, just one little problem...

I have been using this app for a couple of years and it is a great app, it is free and comparing its function to other Stop Motion applications it is wonderful, it is 5th on the list for Best Stop Motion Technology and it has proven that! But I have recently come across a problem... I can’t get the pictures to come out clearly. I know exactly how to do that, I alter the focus, but when I look at the image before I take it, it is perfect, then as soon as I click the button to take the picture the image gets blurry, I even tried using my phone and take a Remote Picture, but it never comes out in focus. I tried changing everything I could, but no matter what I did it was always blurry. It only gots into focus if I stayed a couple of seconds on the frame and when I played the movie the frames ALL got blurry again. I do not know if the focus problem is just a bug, but I hope they get it fixed soon, so I, and anyone else who may be experiencing this problem, can continue to enjoy this app... other than this recent problem this app has been incredible and very easy to use, and I would highly recommend it to any Stop Motion beginners, intermediates, or professionals!

HailUmbridge ,

Great app, but I am unable to find a solution.

I want to start off by saying that this app is amazing and I use it as an alternative to many of the other stop motion editing softwares as it is much easier. I have used this app for about 8 months and have spent countless hours animating. I have bought all of the add ons to get the full experience and make my stop motions as best as I can. That said recently I have encountered a problem that is not only irritating but unnecessarily difficult. Recently the merge option has been greyed out, although his might not seem like such a big problem it is really irritating. I am currently working on an ant man and the wasp LEGO trailer stop motion, and a character known as the ghost has powers that require a merge of different slides, the shrinking and growing effects also require the same method but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to fix this. I have attempted to contact the developers through the website, but I got an error display and couldn’t move further. If this is only a simple bug that can be fixed or a patch that has been ridiculously over complicated than I need to know. I have spent about an hour researching if others have encountered the same problem or are having trouble but I can’t find anything, if anyone has any solutions or the developers themselves see this then please help. This is something that I know has worked in the past so there is no reason it shouldn’t now.

Max Stop Motion ,

I absolutely love this app but it has a few problems

Ok so I have finally found an app that lets me create animations without too much trouble. It’s very intuitive and has many great features. But as every other app it has it’s problems. One of the ones I’ve had the most issues with is that when I have it set to manual it will still auto correct brightness whenever I put my hand in front of the camera, not sure if it’s my phone’s fault or the app’s but it is a problem because it creates a lot of light flicker. Another is that whenever I have it zoomed in and I go to look at the pictures I have already taken it resets the zoom. This makes it very difficult to animate dialogue.

I have a few more nitpickey complaints. Mostly just that I can’t set the ISO to anything below 100 (I know that expensive cameras don’t go below it either.) I often find that my sets are way to bright. And one final complaint, there isn’t a slider for white balance. I just feel restricted because it has a set of presets. I also have a suggestion: a feather option for erasing/painting would be awesome. It would create smoother transitions from the previous frame to the next. And also if there is a way please allow us to change the aperture as well.

Overall this is by far my favorite stop motion app and I only want to see it improve. Hope you found this useful.


145 MB
Foto y vídeo

Requiere iOS 9.0 y watchOS 2.0 o versiones posteriores. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.


Español, Alemán, Chino simplificado, Coreano, Francés, Inglés, Italiano, Japonés, Neerlandés, Portugués, Ruso

Compras dentro de la app
  1. Paquete de Características $4.99
  2. Importar Imágenes $0.99
  3. Efectos sonido $0.99


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