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Race an inch from the ground at speeds over 80 mph in Pro Racing Karts in 4 Tiers of Real Time Multiplayer Championship Kart Racing.

"You’ll never find another game like it. So competitive... It’s more than just a game."
Marijn Kremers, FIA-CIK World Kart Champion (KZ) 2019, Street Kart Racing Brand Ambassador.

Similar karts, similar engines. Always close, fast, competitive.

This is Street Kart Racing.

If you want something new, original and ultra competitive, SK is it. This game will entertain you for more hours than you think! Expect it to be hard, challenging and rewarding. No Assists. No Excuses. Just 100% Pure Racing.

Tested for authenticity by hundreds of professional go kart drivers including world, continental and national champions and over 7 years in the making. And you'll see them on the grid in the game.

----- YOUR GOAL -----
Beat real players from around the world to become go-karting champion, competing in real time multiplayer championships.

Driver development simulator from 2018 World Champions. Use racing driver solo sessions to help set up your kart.

Sure we all want to win, and we race hard on the track. In the pits we all help each other out. Tips, tricks, advice. A community of thousands of competitive SK players. Create rivalries, join the banter in chat groups, and always have someone to race. And they're all pretty awesome (mostly).

Invite friends and with one touch all your Facebook friends are found, rivals formed and you're in a league with them. And we've switched on push notifications. So you get told when a rival overtakes you in a league, beats your time on the track or fast lap - or invites you to race head-to-head!

Join here:

- WEATHER: If it is raining at the track in real life it is raining at the track in the game. We simulate everything. Rain, drizzle, hot and cold temperatures affect tire choice and performance. Air pressure affects the power delivered by the engine and your lap time.
- CHOICE: A range of tire compounds from different brands are available as you advance.
- RIVALRIES: Win your own personal battles. Sponsors only want to support drivers that are good press and top contenders. Beat people you know to earn status and get to the top.
- UPGRADE: Make complex kart choices, from which brand of exhaust to use, or which base kart setup suits any given track or conditions. Upgrades = speed not victory.

----- KEY FEATURES -----
- Real racing against real people from around the world
- Race in closely matched karts from real brands - none of this massive upgrade, automatic win! We're dealing in fractions of seconds.
- Live broadcast/Record to Social Media
- Invite people to race via push notifications
- Compete against racers who race in real life
- Race in Real Life? Apply for Verified Account Status.
- Real World tracks are being added all the time - PFI, Adria, Wackersdorf, Mariembourg, Las Vegas and many more.

Street Kart is compatible with all iPhone devices above the 6 and iPad Mini 2 and iPad Air or above.

----- Follow Us -----

Development Team
Street Kart has brand ambassadors who race at the highest level of professional go kart racing as part of our development team helping perfect the physics simulator and support the game. You'll find our team at motorsport tracks worldwide aiming to reach sports cars and F1.

“An unbelievably compelling racing game realistic to real life racing.”
Dexter Patterson, FIA-CIK World Kart Champion (OKJ) 2017 and Street Kart Racing Brand Ambassador

About Us
Fat Cigar Productions are a small indie team but we don't believe that should mean average. Your experience playing Street Kart Racing should be the most fun and challenging on a mobile device.

Что нового

Версия 1.3.4

Welcome to Street Kart Racing. We're a small, independent developer determined to give you the most competitive, exciting, racing experience on iOS. We rely hugely on your feedback and ratings to help improve the game and support further development. Please join the SK Community on www.facebook.com/groups/streetkartracing and follow us on www.youtube.com/streetkart for updates from the dev team and the SK Community.

- Brand new multiplayer live event for Europe, America and the World
- Testing New 'GHOST' Racing Multiplayer Mode - we'd love your feedback in the FB group
- New Track: PFI Short just for the event
- Focus on 1-2 race meets for multiplayer racing - marked with an 'M' for multiplayer in the name
- This should result in faster gameplay and more people per race meet to race against for Multiplayer.
- The rest of the multiplayer race meets can be raced in multiplayer using the 'Invite Rivals' feature as normal

Bugs and Fixes 1.3.2
- Stamina Graphics Issue

Bugs and Fixes 1.3.1
- Multiplayer racing bug fix that affected race loading hanging when players were on different wifi/4g networks
- Made loading more robust to prevent 'black screen' hang for a small number of players

- New Track - Todd Road (FULL), Australia
- New X30 Kart - CRG 2019
- Rosberg Racing Academy Stage 2 Integration

This release features a brand new update to our game engine:
- Reduced lag
- Graphics improvements
- Weather added to Kart Setup Screen

Bugs and Fixes
- Multiplayer racing 'Invite Rivals' fix - it should now be easier to use this system to push notify friends to race
- Ability to race friends in different tiers using a new 'HIRE KART' system
- Fix to Race Meet Invitationals to prevent the wrong karts being allowed to enter certain restricted events
- Players who should have been able to enter Race Meet Invitationals now can

Оценки и отзывы

4.7 из 5
Оценок: 3.3 тыс.

Оценок: 3.3 тыс.

SwampfoxSC ,

Great Game But Can Still Be Improved

This is a great racing game if any type. The fact that it is kart game is even better. I am a third generation kart racer. My grandfather was part of the leading team. That karting started here in the States. I have raced at all levels. From a kid in clutch karts. All the way to road racing Rotax 256 twins. Even had a cr500 on a Swift chassis for a while. I won a SKUSA championship in 97. And I think I am seasoned enough to tell you. This game is authentic as it can get. But there can be improvements. Such running off track. This is very inconsistent between tracks. Some tracks you 100% traction with all four wheels off. Others you drop one wheel. And you are sucked out to the wall. Another issue is running out of fuel. There is zero coast factor. Not realistic for cliched kart. Direct drive more so though. I have stopped feet from finish line a few times. My final criticism is making it a bit easier. And more clear on what it takes to move up in class. I have been playing this for some time. And still don’t know how to advance to the next tier. I have stuck in two for awhile. Despite high finish positions. And winning one championship.

Ответ разработчика ,

To progress to tier 3 - you just need to complete the Season Objective missions - 12,000 SKD plus finishing in the top 30% are usually the main two objectives.

Hope that helps but if not join the community and one of the dev team will help - www.facebook.com/groups/streetkartracing

Anthony Haiti ,


absolutely not true what i read in reviews about it being as close as reality as possible and that lvl of skill needed. I looked up the top racer and his videos. BIGGEST DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ME WHO HAS RACED NOW 2 Mo and HIM, was just the go kart. HE is able to use grass like the track , where mine would stall and stop, Able to hit the breaks full on and take off again , And cut corners over grass, with hard breaking, be too fast in corner, drive on edge over grass w no problem etc etc etc SEAMS REVIEWS ARE MADE UP A LOT from what i see. Lot of potential but far from being what i hoped it was and what it can be by making necessary changes that force more skill and i know they have to make more $ but now its 80% geared towards upgrades and skill needed too low for my taste. I wouldnt mind upgrading my car and spending $ but i would have to see that the skill factor is still the main component. The best player should be able to smoke me w my kart if i used his but in reality i would easily win as he would have to drive like a grandpa or his cart would stall on grass or anytime he breaks too fast and would even loose control otherwise...That should not be possible. He should be able to smoke me even w slower kart due to his amazing skill and of course kart would matter amongst similar players but not a beginner and #1

Ответ разработчика ,

Hi Anthony,

Skill is absolutely the main component. Yes you have to get the kart set up for the appropriate track, yes, you have to use strategy, but skill is key.

If you race Chrismack (SK X30 Champion) he'll be able to beat most players even with the worst karts (set up correctly of course). However, we're happy to test this.

Make yourself known in the FB group (www.facebook.com/groups/streetkartracing) and we'll happy to try Chris vs you and see how we do.

With best wishes
The SK Team

jwjones101 ,


Someone in the Facebook community helped orient me to the game and I’m changing my review based on what I learned. I was under the impression that once your stamina ran out, you had to use aces to buy an energy drink before it would go back up again. Well it refills all the way within an hour or so and you can use aces if you want to keep grinding. So, I misunderstood the concept behind that and I apologize for my anger in the last review I did. I felt as if I got ripped off after paying $5. At the same time, there really wasn’t too much of a detailed explanation of the system for laymen like me. I think there should be work on that. There are also some glitches here and there. Overall, I think this is a masterpiece of a game and I appreciate the simple but in depth feel of it. Everyone that worked on this game did a great job and they built a healthy and competitive community. I’ll definitely keep playing and I’ll most likely wind up buying aces to contribute to the people behind this game.

Ответ разработчика ,

Hi jwjones101,

Thank you for the review and of course you would expect us to challenge you on it. Let's start by saying there are many people in the game right now (95% or more) who haven't bought an IAP. Many of those 95% including our most recent Champion of TKM, Craig Laws, have done so without spending anything extra. So you can easily win championships as you develop the skill and understand the game economy. However the game is designed to have a strategy to it and you need to think. You are competing with thousands of others and to win you have to out-think and out skill them. This is critical.

SK is all real time. This means huge server costs, and a support team who cares about our players enjoyment. Those that do make an IAP need some advantage for that. We don't give it to them in terms of performance on the track. We can't because that would make it pay to win and we won't do that. However, we do give them the option of making progress faster.

The fitness system is there to protect players who can't race as much due to lack of time and prevent those players who can do 500 races per week achieving that and dominating the game. A play session is a good 45-60 mins and it can be extended with the purchase of different suits. This covers 98% of the players in the game for how they play and protects them.

The proceeds from the 5% who do spend, go to new content, live events and tiers. Without them there would be none of those extra content events that the other 95% enjoy at no extra cost from the purchase of the game.

So, is there a compromise there. Absolutely. Do we run live events monthly that give away hard currency. Absolutely. We also run weekly finals where large amounts of hard currency can be won, as well as daily Aces race meets where hard currency can be won.

Far from immoral, we do all we can to help our players have a better experience and we do so trying to create the right balance, between strategy, skill and time. We feel we've done a good job, but we can always do better and are always trying to do better.

Thank you for the feedback and we do value it, but hopefully you can understand our position better, and understand we've put a lot of thought into your playing experience to balance it for lots of different types of players.

With best wishes
The SK Team


Fat Cigar Productions Ltd
905.7 МБ

Требуется iOS 11.0 и новее. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.



4,99 $
Встроенные покупки
  1. 700 Aces 9,99 $
  2. 300 Aces 4,99 $
  3. 5000 Aces 39,99 $


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