Managing your iOS or macOS App's localizations is usually a hassle, when adding new terms you have to manually edit your Localizable.strings files and keep everything in sync to make sure you don't forget to add a key in one of the languages you provide to your customers. When updating localizations at a later point, you're sometimes being riddled by the name you picked and the only chance to clear things up is to browse your project's source code?

If any one those sounds familiar to you, then you might have found what you're looking for.

With StringBuddy managing your iOS or macOS App's Localizable.strings will be easy peasy! Just import your existing Localizable.strings (or start with a new, fresh set) and tag them so you got some context later. Using StringBuddy’s full-text search and „Missing Translation“ functions, you’ll never be poking in the dark anymore.

Once done translating your strings, just export them using the App or download StringBuddy’s CLI companion to automate the export, e.g. during your project’s build phase or even on your build agent / CI.

StringBuddy will even create a LocalizableStrings.swift file with static strings for your convenience, this will provide you with type-safety on your strings, so you can just access your Localizable.strings without ever manually providing a key.

Currently the App only imports and exports Localizable.strings we're working on supporting Xib and Storyboard strings as well, but we're not just there yet.

If there are any concerns or question you’ll find some FAQ on your website at or just feel free to send an email to

Also we'd love to hear if you've integrated with your existing CI as well.


Version 1.1.3

We've fixed an issue where SwiftLint might complain about the generated LocalizableStrings.swift when a certain line exceeds the maximum length.


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