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Wersja 2.3.0

- Stability fixes
- Visual improvements for iOS11

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Ocen: 4

erfan_2000 ,

Very bad

It's the worst subtitle editor i ever had !
It doesn't open even 1 subtitle !
When i touch info button ,app crashed and closed , every time I tried
this problem happened!
I paid to use this app pls fix it i need it.

Adora Frost ,


This is really the only app of it's kind and it is miserable to use. It crashes constantly and loses all progress when it does - I have even had it erase entire projects, created elsewhere and loaded into this program with the intention of editing a single line of text. It works so poorly that I am forced to wonder if it's true purpose is malicious communication with your computer, via the SMB connection used for file transfer. For years I have hoped they would turn this into a genuinely functional program, but that has not happened and seems it never will. Would LOVE to see someone create a real subtitle editing/creating app for those of us who could use the ability to create or modify subtitles on the go. As it stands, using a remote access program to mirror your home computer screen (with your preferred subtitle editor open) is the best option available. This method has many limitations and is not good for previewing changes, but is infinitely less frustrating than this app.


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Wymaga systemu iOS 9.3 lub nowszego. Zgodność z urządzeniami: iPad.


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