Do you find it complicated and annoying to determine your insulin needs? Do you have irregular blood sugar values or frequent hypoglycemia?

SugarPal Diabetes Manager may help you keeping your blood sugar level constant. Enter your values and this self-learning app calculates the correct insulin dose based on your personal blood sugar trends and targets.


- avoid diabetes complications by keeping your HbA1c low
- experience less hypoglycemia by careful insulin dose calculations
- easily adjust your dose when you exercise
- get a clear overview of your daily and long-term trends in blood sugar levels and insulin doses, for yourself or for your doctor

For who?

diabetics who use insulin pens, eat at reasonably regular times, follow a 1+3 times daily basal bolus regimen, and are willing to check their blood sugar at least 4x a day


- saves all your blood sugar levels and insulin doses
- converts these into clear graphs that you can share with your doctor
- works with its own, highly accurate glycemic control method
- works with either mmol/l or mg/dl glucose units
- Wi-Fi or 4G is not required - your data is stored on your own device only


- read through the background information on the support website at http://www.sugarpal.nl before buying the application
- consult your doctor first if you are not sure whether the application will be beneficial for you
- make sure you always have your iPhone at hand to enter your blood sugar levels and insulin doses in real time


Versie 1.6

Warnings when it is time for a next insuline dose

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1 beoordeling

rmbeyer76 ,


I want my money back! This app crashes every time I load it. Worthless!

Biggie46789432 ,

Just downloaded

But I see two major flaws immediately. (1) It assumes you will always forever only eat three times per day, and exactly three times per day, and the time elapsed between those meals will never vary. The literature even says words to the effect of "since that's what your physician orders". Um, no she doesn't. Even in the olden days when you were required to match your food to your insulin and most type 1s were only taking two shots per day of mixed short and intermediate, FOUR meals were suggested. But in modern times of MDI and matching your insulin to your food, no one has over told me how many times to eat or when I can eat. This REALLY needs to be changed to be effective and useful to the modern type 1, IMO. In the meantime, since I generally eat twice pet day, I'm going to hope it will accept -0- insulin and -0- carb entries. (2) it should allow for multiple BS checks. If BS is out of control (which is the supposed target audience for this app) you're typically checking three times per meal - right before, an hour later, and two hours later, because that's the best way to spot patterns that variables will produce. You especially need to do this for the last meal, since checking what could be over 12 hours later is largely useless for determining if your preprandial dose was sufficient - or if maybe it's your long-acting that needs adjusting.

Another thing I don't like, but thankfully can be turned off, is that it assumes I'm going to eat the exact same number of carbs each meal, again, based on "what my physician told me". First of all, the RD or CDE would be the one to tell me, but again, not since the long-outdated "exchange diets" has that scenario existed, and even back then my exchange plan did not set the same number of carbs each meal. Thank goodness that can be changed. I also wish it would account for those of us using TAG since it would be nice if I could dispense with doing all the math TAG entails.

All in all, I'm still not clear whether I'm even using it correctly or exactly what it's going to end up telling me, but after using it a couple of weeks I'll come back and update my review.


L F Tiemeijer
2.5 MB

Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


English, Dutch

You must be at least 17 years old to download this app.
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