SumoRoll Road to the Yokozuna 4+

Sports fighting game RPG‪!‬

fumishige hokama

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Sports fighting game! Sumo style RPG! Let’s be "Yokozuna"! and Let's play a versus mode with friends and family. Enjoy JP style!

* Required: A little Japanese.

With a total of 200,000 downloads worldwide!

- Indie Games Festival 2019 In Japan, Finalist & Godzilla Award.
- Xiamen Game Development Contest 2018, Best Game Plan Award.

"Sumo Roll" is a casual sumo game app with simple operation based on physics.

Long, long time ago...,
In the far east country Zipang, There was a fighting sport called SUMO...

Enjoy Japanese style! Sumo exclamation!

/// Game introduction ////
Let's aim to the Yokozuna! with somewhat strange movement wrestlers!

Even if it becomes pinch, aim for reversal by charge!
If you can not win, raise the level and challenge again!

You can also play with friends and family in the versus mode.
Let's listen first what "Frog Oyakata" says.

Look closely at the movement of the opponent!
Unnecessarily tapping become you will stun.
But If you do not operate, a cushion is thrown from the audience ;)

/// Rules ///
1. Push the opponent out of the ring.
2. Make the opponent touch the ground.

『体』= Life Power
『魂』= Stamina Power
『雷』= Sumo jutsu Power

*『雷』If you accumulate this, power up (with time limit).

Sumo Roulette

/// Operation ///
Various action with four buttons.
- Top left Button: Sumo Push = Body Attack / Wrestle
- Top right Button: Sumo Chop = Hand Attack
- Bottom left or Bottom right Button: Sumo Step = Dodge / Body throw
- Long press: Sumo Charge =『雷』fast charge

/// Growing ///
Only four elements.
『心』= Defense power
『技』= Attack power
『体』= Life power
『雷』= Sumo jutsu

/// Character collection ///
Sumo wrestlers can get 15 or more.
If you clear the conditions you can get a strong character!

/// Versus mode. ///
Let's play with friends and family.
1player on the left side and 2player on the right side.

/// Sound ///
- taron
- Wingless Seraph
- 効果音ラボ

Have a nice Sumo Soul!
Enjoy Japanese style!
Sumo exclamation!

*This game is a fiction of Japan's traditional "sumo" which is sports and martial arts. It has nothing to do with real people or groups.


バージョン 1.7.15

Thanks for playing.
- Internal processing improvement





Great sumo

Good game just wish it had more English


Started great but won’t load anymore

Like the title says. It started great for a few months now won’t get past the loading screen for me.


Best sumo available in the west

As good as you can get in the west gameplay is arcadey and fun menus are decently easy to navigate for an English speaker with trial and error all in all good game


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