5 million downloads of the pupular app in Japan!
Released in the English version of the Molas nurturing game!

The "closest animal to heaven" has arrived!!
Take care of your mola! Brand-new nurturing game where "death=pleasure"

Molas are pretty distinct with a large and oddly-shaped body.
However, they are actually very delicate. The smallest thing can make them die (´・ω・`)

【Cause of death】
Dive into the deep-end too quickly
->Wow, the water is so cold!

Sun bathing
->When I woke up, I was on land

Jump to kill a parasites riding on the body
->Fell and struck the water!

Don't let your mola die. Grow your mola to the world's biggest 2.5t class!

【How to play】
1: Eat ocean creatures to gain weight!!
Jellyfish, squid, shrimp. Flick over underwater creatures and eat them up.
Sardines (゚д゚)Mmmm(゚д゚)Tasty

2:Test your luck and go on an adventure to gain weight!
Go on an adventure to gain weight significantly!
But adventure comes with a risk of death!
Fail and something horrible will happen(´;ω;`)Ugh…

3:Strengthen your mola and gain weight!!
Use mola points and power up your mola!
Discover new creatures and new adventures! M9( ゚д゚)

4:Death is not the end! Start a new game!
Molas get stronger when they die!
Become a 2.5t world class mola! Time for a new adventure!


バージョン 2.5.2

Fix bug for new iOS version




Puppy love is awsome

Pretty Good

This app has it's ups and downs but i personally enjoy it.

It's not entirely original in structure but nothing has to be 100% original to be great.

It has humerus lines and beautiful artwork. You can tell somone put work into the backgrounds and character design.

My only problems are that it's a teeny bit harder to get mp than i'd like, but it could just be i like fast paced games. Also there isn't too much to the game, with these things where it's just click and eat, i think it'd be fun if someone added minigames to them, so they're even more addicting.

overall it's pretty good for an app, and is really addictive.


Still a cute game, but....

Really though, I do love this game. I played it when it came out, and I'm back around playing it again.

BUT these ads are ridiculous, and I can't rate it any higher than a two because of that. If it was non-invasive ads around the screen with maybe one pop up from time to time, it wouldn't be bad. Heck, that's how it used to be if I remember right. Now, I find myself feeding my Mola as quickly as possible, because 60 seconds in BAM! Guaranteed pop up. Click into any screen? Pop up.

I've started exiting out as soon as an ad starts because it takes less time for my game to reload than for me to have to watch through an ad long enough to have the X button pop up. And pathetically enough the game is on to me--now I'm getting popups within seconds of opening the app, often two or three in succession.

Freaking hell, Select Button Games, if you want money that badly just make it an app you have to pay for by default. I'm a completionist, so now I'm playing as quickly as possible so I can delete the app again just go get it out of the way. This is no longer fun.


Too many pop up ads take away from a well put together game

It's a cute little app that you try to keep your Mola alive. It's a good time waster. That being said, I know ads are how these apps stay alive but the pop up ones are beyond annoying and why this game isn't rated higher. It's extremely annoying to have random ads pop up as you click on the screen. Switching between screens or loading is understandable but no, full pop up ads that get on your last nerve and make you put the game down. Can you tell I'm frustrated by them?



iOS 8.0以降。iPhone、iPad、およびiPod touchに対応。


簡体字中国語、 繁体字中国語、 英語、 韓国語

  1. Event Point Max $0.99
  2. Manbo Point 1500pt $0.99
  3. Manbo Point 5000pt $2.99


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