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4.5 out of 5
3.7K Ratings

3.7K Ratings

davey468664 ,

A lifesaver

I’m sitting in the hospital. I’m trying to track a lot of details. I use Tally to track how much pain medicine I get , when I walk, when I change my bandage. Keeping accurate data like this enables me to get insight into what is working and why things are happening. It helps me comply with the doctor’s orders and learn more. This way I can be a more engaged patient and share some responsibility for my care. When I go home, I will have to do many of these things myself for several weeks. I can’t just lay around and wait for a nurse to do things and ensure they are done properly. I really want to heal from my surgery. So I want to track everything I am supposed to do. This app has just the right balance of features like notes, time stamps, target goals, and more. I tried it during my first surgery 3 months ago. I used it a little. But I felt clumsy. But the second time now and I’m a pro at figuring out what to track and how. So be patient with yourself as you learn it. You may not learn all the features at once.
It’s obviously good for other uses. This is just my use. And I feel so much more in control of my care.

blackwylf ,

Something has gone awry

I've used Tally for going on two years and until recently it was there best counter/tracking app I've found. Siri shortcuts, great widget (the original kind), and a simple interface with tons of customization and options. And such fast communication from the developer and support! Usually I test an app for awhile but with this one I immediately purchased the premium upgrade (I should note that this was back when it was sold for a one-time payment). So why the low score?

Last week everything reset. My counts are still there but all the premium features are gone, the old style widget disappeared, my settings were a mess, and it won't even reset the daily counts at midnight unless you force close and restart the app. I've tried reaching out to customer support but can't get a response. Before this I would have said the app is worth far more than 5 stars. My problem is that this is a big issue and I haven't been able to get any help. Being able to get support when there's a problem is as important to me as the functionality and features of the app itself. Right now the support is lacking and the functionality I've come to expect has been severely impacted. I earnestly hope this is just a glitch or mistake that can be rectified because the app itself is truly remarkable and I haven't found anything out there that compares.

Julessss0342222 ,

Updates constantly ruin this app - I’m done ✌️

Don’t bother with this app, and definitely don’t pay for a subscription, unless you enjoy losing features without warning and constantly being frustrated with what should be a basic, dependable app. I tried relying on this app for a year but updates for “bug fixes and performance improvements” constantly wipe away beloved and important features and the time stamps are not always accurate (and non-existent if you want to mark a tally after midnight for that day). The latest update no longer allows you to simply click on a tally to add to its count - kinda the whole point of the app. Now instead you have to manually type in the number of tallies you want to add. Previous updates removed the ability to add notes when creating a new tally (like for instructions) and the ability customize the time your day begins/ends. Other updates have also deleted entire tally histories, the ability to sort your tallies in a custom order, shortened the allotted tally title length, among others (features which were later restored after many customer complaints but never should have disappeared in the first place). I used this app to track medication but can’t rely on it and I shouldn’t be frustrated with a basic app who’s sole purpose is counting. I gave it nearly a year of chances but finally cancelled my subscription for another app I can actually trust and count on 😉

Developer Response ,

Hi there 👋

Thank you for the review. Your opinion is golden to us. 🙏
Please know that we´re so sorry for the issues the latest update may have caused. Our team of developers are working on getting a new update released as soon as possible. Please contact us on support+tally@reflectly.app if you have any feedback or further questions. 💜
Have an amazing day,
Marlene // Team Tally