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Task4U Task control system

Task4U is designed for anyone who delegates tasks to others but is still responsible for their fulfilment.  When it’s important that the tasks are 100% completed before a deadline, Task4U is the ideal solution.
A practical example: the family manager
Task4U - I need that for my husband!  is the typical reaction from a woman who organizes the household.  Let’s take the typical situation where the working spouse should bring something home that’s urgently needed; maybe fever medicine for a child or steaks for the barbeque.  If it isn’t done properly then she has the problem, not him! 

Task4U solves the problem very effectively and helps avoid arguments.  The problem is not first noticed on arriving home with “Sorry, I forgot”, but in good time so that she can intervene or get a replacement.  
An experienced family manager has already suggested the Task4U feature that a photo can be added, for example of the item to be bought, so that the wrong items are not brought home (yet again!) instead of the required ones. 
Another user suggested the feature that the order of the chores can easily be changed by drag & drop, so that a sensible order of shop locations (such as pharmacy, then drugstore, supermarket etc.) can be defined. 
Any user involved with chores in the family can certainly make suggestions from their own experience and so recognize the benefits of Task4U in various applications and avoiding potential conflicts. 
What works in a small family is also applicable on a larger scale in any company, for an improved quality of work procedures.
Task4U is based on the idea that a task delegator, typically a manager in a company, remains responsible for the monitoring of the task execution.  That means that as more tasks are delegated, the more you must monitor the processes. 
Task4U turns the tables in that the responsibility for controlling the tasks is transferred to the task-executor.  The task-executor must confirm the completion, before the fixed deadline, in the Task4U app on his/her smartphone.  He/she does not need to worry about all the management, but just look at the screen for the list of unfinished tasks and act accordingly.
This simple but highly-effective principle has been implemented in the customized Task4U to guarantee a 100% completion of tasks.  Procedures that repeat on a regular basis (such as instrument disinfection every Friday before 1pm, or simply watering the flowers nightly) can be delegated.  There are also checklists for screening, work procedures, shopping lists and so on.
Task4U is free for private use and, depending on the number of users, in business areas too.


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