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This app contains over 500 nutrients with their energetic value according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) en nutritional information according to Western science. Its functionality is unique; it is the most complete catalogue of nutrients. Not only in terms of the number of nutrients, but also due to the detailed information for each nutrient and additional functionalities such as an extensive search and filter option, a nutrient value calculator, a large collection of recipes and the option to create a personalized dietary advice.
Therefore it is the ideal nutrient reference guide.

Per nutrient, this app offers detailed information about the:
· Thermal nature (cooling, neutral, warming),
· Effect on organ(s),
· Deficiencies (such as Jing, Yang, Qi, Shen),
· Properties,
· Elements (wood, water, earth, metal or fire),
· Flavor,
· Acidity,
· Food type,
· Family,
· Nutrient value (including vitamines and minerals).

You can search the database by nutrient name, or filter by organ, thermal nature, element, acidity, food type and deficiencies.
This app also contains a large collection of recipes. You can filter this collection the same as the nutrient database, to find the recipes that serve your need. With the calculator you can calculate the energy value of your own recipes. The app also provides a tool to create a practitioners note in PDF, with a personalized nutritional advice.

Disclaimer: Although this app is designed to make the information about food easily available for all, the information in the database has most value for individuals with a basic background in TCM. It is not intended to provide you with a dietary advice. The use of this app is entirely at your own risk. We recommend you get advice from a (TCM-)nutritionist before adjusting your diet.

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버전 2.0

More functionalities: recipes, search function and calculator

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1개의 평가

Samgee34 ,

Ads for a paid app?

There’s an ad that’s permanently at the bottom of the page that makes the rest of the info take up the screen. This means every time you want to go back or access the main menu, you have to quit the app and open it again. And this is a paid app. If you have some patience working with this then the info provided is just OK, but definitely not worth the trouble.

개발자 답변 ,

Hi Samgee,

Thank you for your feedback. We are working on a mayor update, without adds, a better interface and more functionality. We hope to release it before summer (july 2021)

For now: Just click on the right top of the page (3 lines), then you get back to the main menu.
If you have any other suggestions or requests, let us know. Perhaps we can include it in our next update.

Best regards, Alisa

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