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TENTEN is a professional nail care space. We offer friendly and attractive services such as The TENTEN complex when manicure and pedicure are made by two nail stylist at once. We care about your health providing only one-time and sterile instruments. We want your hands and feet to be thankful so that we elaborated special treatments for nails, hands and feet. We think about your mood and are ready to suggest not only big colour palette but special ideas for your look. We make you to feel sure about treatment value by beforehand estimating. We organize your visit to TENTEN paying attention to each moment and wish in order to make you feel pleased and getting desire to make a regular holiday for your nails, hands and feet.
While using TENTEN application you can make an appointment for 2 guests at one time.
It will make you easier to collect bonuses and use them during future visits.
A weekly TENTEN treat for hands and feet!

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Версия 1.1.4

Fixed error at visits screen

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