English-Thai Phrase Book 4+

with soundscript

Claus Wintop

Designet til iPhone

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Look up a Thai word after its sound without knowledge of the Thai script and learn about the script and its pronunciation.

This App consists of a phrase book and three lists of words sorted according to English words, sound script of Thai words and Thai words in Thai script.

The phrase book contains common words and phrases for use in everyday situations.

The lists of words make it possible to look up a Thai word according to the sound and tone of the word without knowledge of the special Thai script. One can either search for English words, Thai words or Thai sound script. Or just press the beginning letter of words, without use of keyboard, and have displayed an alphabetically sorted list of words with the chosen beginning letter.

Each word list contains more than 3.000 of the most common words and phrases supplemented by information on the Thai script, its pronunciation and rules for the tones as well as sound files with pronunciation of Thai consonants and vowels.

The sound script is easy to learn. It is based on reputed international systems, but adapted to take advantage of the few special Danish letters, which are close to Thai sounds, making it possible to use standard keybords.


Version 3.0

Version 3.0 includes a Phrase Book.


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