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Kim June-Hyun

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With realistic skin, bone, muscle and internal organs in 3D human body model, the meridians are distinguished by colors so they are very easy to see.

‘The Meridian Inside of The VerdeRoot’ was created by integrating the 12 Main Meridian, 8 Extra Meridian and 12 Meridian Divergences, while applying it to the 3D human body model with 14 Main Acupuncture Point Meridian. It's an application that allows anyone interested in The Meridian itself to easily see more detailed information.
* 14 Main Acupuncture Point Meridian - 12 Main Acupuncture point, Governor vessel (GV) Acupuncture point, Conception vessel(CV) Acupuncture point. - See The Meridian 3.0

“The first and only in the world“
‘The Meridian Inside of The VerdeRoot’ is the first and only product in the world that represents The Meridian flow in a 3D human model based on “Huangdi Neijing - Lingshu”. Listen to the meridian flowing into the skin, bones, organs, muscle and acupuncture points of a 3D human model. In the updated version, various functions have been added so that users can better understand the flow of The each Meridians. You can see the flow in the optimal angle and chronological order.

“High accuracy”
‘The Meridian Inside of The VerdeRoot’ is based on the International Standard Acupuncture Points of WHO, which is internationally accepted as a standard of acupuncture points and WHO’s International Standard Terminologies on Traditional Medicine in the Western Pacific Region, the acupuncture textbooks of the University of Asian Medicine, and the oldest book for Chinese traditional medicine 'Huangdi Neijing - Lingshu’. It also refers to various books such as ‘Zhenjiujiayijing’, ‘Zhenjiudacheng’, ‘Heo Joon - Dongeuibogam’, ‘Details of Meridians & Acupoints (Volume1,2)’ and ‘A Guidebook for College Students and Treasured Mirror of Eastern Medicine’. We have improved the accuracy through the supervision of professors and Korean medical doctors from Korea Medical University.

"Accuracy and convenience"
‘The Meridian Inside of The VerdeRoot’ is easy to use because it displays 12 Main Meridian, 8 Extra Meridian and 12 Meridian Divergences on a 3D human body model. As well as 12 Main Meridian, 8 Extra Meridian, 12 Meridian Divergences and 14 Main Acupuncture Point Meridian are displayed together with accuracy, so you can easily compare between Meridians.
In the updated version, the left and right sides of the human body can be checked separately by placing a separate camera, and the function to see close or far, or to adjust the distance by the user, has been added to make it more convenient to use.

“Outstanding design”
In 'The Meridian Inside of The VerdeRoot’, the skin, bones, muscle and internal organs of the 3D human model look realistic. The 14 Main Acupuncture Point Meridian, 12 Main Meridian, 8 Extra Meridian, and 12 Meridian Divergences are distinguished by rich colors so they are very easy to see. We adding some special menu for new runners, like “drive button bar” etc. So It is very helpful for begin studying The Meridian.

“Multinational Availability”
The content of 'The Meridian Inside of The VerdeRoot’ was created in Korean, Chinese and English together, which allows it to be used across the world!

새로운 기능

버전 3.0.1

1. Change 3D Female Body
2. Insert 3D Male Body
3. Insert 3D Muscle
4. Change 3D Meridian Line
5. Change 3D Acu Point
6. Change Camera Angle
7. Insert Left/Right Camera
8. Insert Approach/Away Camera

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4개의 평가

4개의 평가

Junglebook1 ,


I bought this while back apps . It’s a joke . They charge so much. Not accurate. The points features overlap and there is no clear. It’s a shame. I want my money back. I bought all their apps so far. I wan buy the new one for 2020.

noooooo,,,, ,

I want a refund

The movement is not that soft.What’s more, the content is not correct. (Check if Bl1 is in stomach meridian !!!!!!!!!!)

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