The Royal Affairs is an online royal court life simulation and role-playing game set in the medieval times. You will start as an aspiring lord, and experience every aspect of the middle ages royal household – sensual court romances, cloak and dagger conspiracies, cut-throat politics, and glorious decisive battle! Reign and develop your realm, and eventually become the supreme king!


●Meet the beauties:
You will encounter beauties with different personalities, they will fall in love with you. Who shall be the leading actress in your romances? The compassionate princess, the mystical court governess, or the fire-tempered duchess? Choose your queen as you like, and give birth to your next generation.

●Establish a dynasty:
Raise your heirs and setup marriages to ensure that your lineage would run long and prosper. Find them best spouses when they become adults.

●Build your retinue:
Exemplar knights, fearsome warriors, loyal servants, brilliant strategists. Thy biddings, my lord? Let them be your great assistance.

●Manage your kingdom:
Oversee your council, handle affairs, issue edicts, and see your kingdom flourish. Manage your indispensable resources like money, food, and soldiers for the development of the kingdom, strengthen your power to resist any enemies who dare to violate.

●Forge alliance:
Work hand-in-hand with the other lords to become the exalted King of Kings. Build an unbreakable alliance with friends to fight against other competitors in the world.

●Conquer more lands:
You path to throne will not be unchallenged. Test your strategy and might in PVE and PVP features. For honor, for glory, and for the kingdom, you shall lead your army to crush the enemy and achieve your great dominance!

Are you the one who would step forward to embrace and defend your love?
Are you the one who would risk peril and bear arms for the people?
Are you the one who would rein the power of the crown?
My lord, your legend begins now...

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版本 1.0.6

Do not delete archives testing
fixed some bugs


4.4(满分 5 分)
902 个评分

902 个评分


As Someone Obsessed with These Types Of Games

Compared to all the others. Call Me Emperor, Game Of Sultans this one stands beside them. Just like those two I mentioned this game has its Rises and faults.
I personally love this game.
I just wish it had an option to play as a female. Like Call Me Emperor.
But I feel it’s almost better than Game of Sultans in the fact that I feel progress is more noticeable.

Gems are attainable not just through purchase like most games,(such as GoS and CME) so I love that.
Although there are a few things such as not every character has a picture represented, (only in PLOT, aka the campaign. And that made me sad since I’m IN LOVE with the art style of this game.
It’s 100x better than GoS and CME and I thought GoS was beautiful.
Everything in game has a fantasy and fanciful design while maintaining “medieval” ‘accuracy’.
It’s a fantasy world I really can’t describe.
I see myself playing this game for a long time to come.


Hello, thank you for your affection for The Royal Affairs. We've received quite a few player suggestions about bringing up female characters and our developers are considering it. Hopefully we will have female characters in the future. Let's hope for the best!


VIP Level Bug please fix

The only way to get VIP level is by paying money and that’s just wrong. There are countless of reasons why players can’t pay real money and players who cheat using their financial power should NOT in anyway have advantage over the rest of us who are loyal and are playing the right way with real strategy and patience. If the developers continue insisting on corrupting the game by allowing special privileges to some players and not other then make another option to attain VIP levels so the players rely strictly on gameplay, not money.
When players get to a certain peerage, starting at Earl 1 would be ideal because at that point players really understand the game and how it works, when players reach peerage Earl 1, they should receive a VIP level 1 and on Earl 2 get VIP level 2, and so forth. Players can pay if they want get skip VIP levels, so if an Earl 2 want VIP 4 level, they can pay for that. But players cannot carry over VIP status to other servers, unless they pay extra, otherwise they’ll have to level up the same way by promoting peerage. That is the only way to make it fair. If people want to start the game strong and rank up quickly they can pay for VIP level while still a Baron and such. However, once players become Earl 1, EVERYONE WILL RECEIVE VIP 1 LEVEL and continue to accumulate until the final peerage rank. Try and see how it works. We want to see this change in the next upgrade.


Button Pressing Simulator

There are three resources in this game. Money, food, and troops. The troop resource is used for “plot battles” which are the most awful, outrageously subpar, copy-and pasted rotten excuse for an in game combat mechanic. You just spam the ‘next’ arrow and so long as you have more men you auto-win. There are little visuals but every single chapter they’re exactly the same with different terrain backdrops. They look and feel at the level of those stupid ad-games. It is the worst combat mechanic I have ever seen in any app or game ever. Even worse than those game of war clones that you don’t see the combat in. At least the wars (in other games) serve a purpose and each one does something more than repeat over and over and over endlessly. Even the training and tournament “combat” is the most stupid excuse for a mechanic. It’s just “press a button simulator”, not a medieval noble simulator.

I also find it funny that the game basically promotes being a player and having as many kids as possible while somehow making them all your heir (?!)

It’s really stupid, don’t waste your time


336.1 MB

系统要求:iOS 9.0 或更高版本。兼容设备:iPhone、iPad、iPod touch。


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