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Получится ли у вас пройти весь мир Abandoned от начала до самого конца?

• Вас ждет приключение по таинственным местам в поисках вашего пропавшего брата-близнеца;
• Классическая приключенческая игра в жанре "укажи и щелкни" с запутанным сюжетом;
• Решайте сложнейшие головоломки;
• Три захватывающих главы в уникальном игровом мире. Первая глава доступна совершенно бесплатно.

Ваш брат-близнец пропал в таинственном месте, которое все называют Abandoned. Вам придется пройти сквозь целую плеяду дверей, чтобы найти его.

Если вы уверены, что у вас хватит сил, чтобы открыть все тайны мира Abandoned, загружайте эту увлекательную игру прямо сейчас!

Что нового

Версия 1.14

Stability improvements

Оценки и отзывы

3.9 из 5
Оценок: 464

Оценок: 464

PrinceAmira ,

Copy of Submachine Game

Finally, a game similar to Submachine on IOS, however the music and art style is so similar that it almost feels like a ripoff of the original game. I really hope you got permission to make money off of someone else’s idea that was made years ago, otherwise your in for a huge lawsuit when He finds out.

Still, good job! I love the art that was put into this game and the tutorial of how to play in chapter one.

Happiness power😎😎 ,

Overall disappointing

I played part one and part two online (for free) and I really enjoyed it!!! I only played part one on the app.
The game isn’t to challenging but it still makes you think. It has a very interesting story and I would recommend it to someone else to play. My real problem is with the app, it’s frustrating that you have to pay to play for what you can play for free online. And the app definitely has a few glitches, I was able to get through it because I knew what I was doing but someone who didn’t would have a harder time getting through a few parts. I also enjoyed the game online more mostly because you can move around easily without the game needing to load.
The main reason why I got the app was to play the third part, but I would rather not have to pay for it. I’m satisfied playing online for free.

Dylan Drazen ,

Unfortunate Interface

I have paid for and completed every Snapbreak game up to this point. I was ready to complete the series with this release and was ready to pay for the full game until I tried the first level.

While the game is pretty and I appreciate the animation style visuals, the controls are horrible. Like another user stated, you are constantly moving to adjacent screens by accident while looking for places to tap on.

The other big problem is poor use of the screen edge on the iPhone X. The inventory area is way too thin and close to the edge to the point where I must awkwardly bend my hand and finger to tap on it. Other times my hand mistakenly “taps” on items close to the edge if I hold my phone the wrong way. Granted, one could partially attribute this to the iPhone X’s interface itself, but a very simple fix would be to introduce a border around the entire game.

Edge to edge is pretty to look at but for games they often cause interface problems. This game is not alone in that aspect.

Snapbreak games require a lot of patience as you randomly tap around the screen looking for clues and actions. The interface in this particular release makes this aspect of these games impossibly frustrating.

Will skip till there are fixes. I want to like this game!

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