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TidBit helps you find the perfect restaurant that meets your dining expectations. Don't waste time online scrolling through generic reviews or comparing different lists to find reliable suggestions. With TidBit you create your own foodie network where you can find recommendations from trusted friends and compare them to renowned restaurant lists. Our goal is to simplify restaurant discovery and guarantee a personalized experienced that fits your taste.

Review restaurant dishes on a 1-10 scale, and rate the ambiance and service on a 1-5 scale to emphasize those key aspects that contribute to a successful dining experience. The overall restaurant rating is an average of your dish by dish rating, helping you decide not only where to go but what to order. After rating a restaurant, it will be added to your profile so your followers can easily browse through your reviews.

Keep it social and share pictures of your latest meals or explore your network’s recommendations in the TidFeed. Want to find something tasty nearby? Use the map or filters to find your cravings.

Say goodbye to generic and disappointing restaurant reviews and say hello to tastes you trust! Download TidBit and find all of your restaurant-related needs in one app!


● Explore: Discover restaurants through trendy lists from trusted sources. Expand your network by following TidBitters who influence the food scene and discover local people with your similar palate

● Map: Browse nearby restaurants rated by those whose taste you trust or discover new spots by adding different filters. Traveling any time soon? Select another city to explore in advance

● Rate: Rating has never been easier! Select the restaurant and rate what you ate! You can also add pictures and comments to customize your rating.

● Filters: Find the perfect restaurant by applying the filters that meet your cravings ( search by neighborhood, cuisine, rating and price). You can even use filters to explore a specific friend's ratings on the map or list tab.

● Profile: Build your taste brand; keep a record of your restaurant experiences and let your friends rely on your taste.

● TidFeed: See real time content from those you follow and interact with other users. Stay in the know of the food scene among your friends, and find inspiration for where to eat next.

● Wishlist: Keep track of those restaurants you want to visit or check out your friend's wishlist to learn what they want to try next .

● Gamification: Earn badges by rating restaurants and become a connoisseur of your favorite cuisines. Badges boost your profile and make you eligible for rewards

● Reserve: OpenTable's API allows TidBitters to book reservations in any of their participating restaurants.


版本 1.0.76

This version introduces the Group Function feature, that allows you to create your own Communities where you can follow others with similar values and tastes. We have also updated some of the designs on the platform.


4.7(满分 5 分)
128 个评分

128 个评分


Everyone should be using this!

I mean I can barely remember eating out without this! I guess I sometimes miss reading random people’s restaurant reviews and laughing until my abs hurt but now I get to do that based on the reviews of people I trust. Win-Win if you ask me. Honestly though, it’s an amazing tool and it has opened my eyes to so many hidden (and not so hidden) gems. Now if only I can get through my wish list....


Restaurant and plate reviews you can trust!

Discovered this app thanks to a friend while traveling. Really useful lists for every city, that you can compare. The map is one of my favorites ive seen in a food app and love the filters in the profile. The perfect app to really make sure you’re picking the right restaurant, and the right plates in each place.


Digging the update

Jumping the wagon here. Had checked earlier versions but this one is much more solid version. Really digging the explore and map. I find it cool that you can anticipate your next trips and compre lists with your network. Hopefully more improvements are on the way

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