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Sitting lifestyle and hours spent working on a computer screen are what is necessary for many of the careers we’ve chosen. We get what it feels like to have a lower back strain, sore eyes or problems to concentrate and we want to help. In our search for solutions we have created 'TimeFit – Power Break', a revolutionary App for a holistic, healthy lifestyle at work.

If you want to be more productive, feel healthier or simply take a better care of your mind and body you can use TimeFit to have a Power Break. Power Break concept intelligently links time-management, stretching, eyes exercises and diet what adds up to a powerful solution for loss of productivity and poor wellbeing.

Power Break is an academically driven concept. Studies have shown that short exercises in between working sessions significantly increase your productivity. What is more, it is advised to take care of your eyes and follow a proper diet for snacks and drinks to keep your mind and body healthy and efficient.

• Use TIMEFIT - POWER BREAK. to schedule breaks from work or study.
• Choose from three effective time-management techniques – Pomodoro, 52/12 or Custom.

• Three ‘pillars’ of the Power Break – physical exercises; eyes exercises; lifestyle and dietary advice.
• Intelligent algorithms choosing just the right content for a Power Break.
• Stretching exercises created specifically to be used in an office or library.
• Exercises for eyes designed to provide a quick relieve.
• Interesting lifestyle and dietary advice including healthy snacks, music or meditation.
• Beautiful and coherent Power Break screen summarizing your custom plan for a break.

• ‘TimeFit – Power Break’ is a solution created for you by a passionate team with a desire to bring change and innovation where most needed. We have a vision to transform this app into the most complete, mobile life coach tailored specifically for you.
• You can support our mission in the ‘settings’ of the app. We are more than thankful to everyone that decide to do so.
• We welcome any feedback that could help us improve our product.

Co nowego

Wersja 1.1.3

Please, support us by rating this app. We have added new things for you to enjoy!
-New content! We have worked very hard with our specialists to prepare extensive content displayed intelligently during your Power Breaks.
-Onboarding screens and tutorial.
-In-app purchases in settings through which you can support us.
-We have also fixed little imperfections making the app even more beautiful.

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1 ocena

rakey yekar ,

Great app, but...

I would recommend a stats feature in the app, so I’m able to see how much I worked in the day.

The exercises and tips have been very helpful. Thank you!

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