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Con 30 mil millones de matches hasta la fecha, Tinder® es la aplicación más popular para conocer gente. Piensa en nosotros como tu acompañante de confianza, vayas donde vayas, allí estaremos. Si estás aquí para conocer gente nueva, ampliar tu red de contactos, acercarte a los lugareños cuando estás de viaje o simplemente porque te gusta vivir la vida, has venido al lugar adecuado. Si nos llaman "la app más hot del mundo" es por algo: conseguimos encender la llama entre personas con más de 26 millones de matches cada día. ¿Cuántas apps de citas pueden ofrecerte lo mismo?

Coincide. Chatea. Queda. Usar Tinder es fácil y divertido: simplemente desliza a la derecha si te gusta alguien, o a la izquierda si pasas. Cuando alguien te corresponde, ¡es un match! Hemos inventado un sistema en el que solo se consigue un match cuando el interés es mutuo. Sin estrés. Sin rechazo. Solo tienes que seleccionar los perfiles que te interesan, chatear online con tus matches, y luego dejar el móvil a un lado para conocerlos en persona y construir algo juntos.

Pongámonos en marcha. Y recuerda: ante la duda, desliza a la derecha. Confía en nosotros, cuantas más opciones tengas, mejor te irá en la vida.

Te damos la bienvenida a Tinder, la mayor comunidad de solteros del mundo, ¡y la más hot! No te cortes, únete a nuestra comunidad.


Pásate a Tinder Plus® para disfrutar de funciones premium como "Me gusta" ilimitados que te permiten deslizar a la derecha cuanto quieras, Passport para charlar con personas de todo el mundo, Rewind para dar segundas oportunidades, un Boost gratis cada semana para convertirte en el perfil principal de tu área durante 30 minutos, y Super Likes extra para destacar cuando quieras.


Pásate a Tinder Gold™ para disfrutar de una experiencia de primera: Passport, Rewind, "Me gusta" ilimitados, cinco Super Likes al día, un Boost al mes, y un mayor control sobre tu perfil. Pero eso no es todo. Di adiós a horas interminables seleccionando perfiles gracias a nuestra función "Le gustas", que te permite ver a quién le interesas. Considéralo como tu asistente personal de Tinder, disponible a diario las 24 horas, dejando los "matches pendientes" sobre tu mesa. Ya puedes relajarte, tomarte un refresco y echar un vistazo a los perfiles que más te interesan. Di adiós a las búsquedas inútiles. Y hola a #GoldLife


Si decides pasarte a Tinder Plus o Tinder Gold, el pago se cargará a tu cuenta de iTunes. Asimismo, la renovación se cargará en tu cuenta durante las 24 horas previas a la finalización del periodo de validez actual. Puedes desactivar la renovación automática en cualquier momento desde los ajustes de iTunes Store una vez realizada la compra. El precio actual de la suscripción a Tinder Plus es a partir de 9,99 $ al mes, y es posible adquirir paquetes de un mes, seis meses o doce meses. El precio actual de la suscripción a Tinder Gold es a partir de 14,99 $ al mes, y es posible adquirir paquetes de un mes, seis meses o doce meses. Los precios se indican en dólares americanos, pueden variar en otros países que no sean los EE. UU. y están sujetos a modificaciones sin previo aviso. No es posible cancelar la suscripción actual durante el periodo de suscripción activo. Si decides no suscribirte a Tinder Plus o Tinder Gold, podrás continuar usando Tinder gratis como hasta ahora.

Todas las fotos son de modelos y se utilizan solo para fines ilustrativos.


Versión 12.13.0

Los molestos errores técnicos han sido eliminados. Sigue deslizando a tu ritmo.

Valoraciones y reseñas

3,8 de 5
187 mil valoraciones

187 mil valoraciones

D. Willliams ,

Tinder decent app

Tinder been around for as long as I can remember few updates here and there but for some reason has never managed to fix the like and time ratio. I live in a pretty big city so the ratio should be pretty decent but yet I get more gold likes and the. Proceed to never match anyone. Then I stretch out my distance and age still maybe get 1-2 matches and normally never hear back from anyone. Then I use all the swipes and have to wait 12 hours just to go through the same cycle again. You can add many new perks to the app but not fix something as common as this. The guys in this app obviously out number the women so why not give the actually guys a chance to pop up above the 100 messages the creepy guy just sent. Or give us a shorter time difference and not try to steal our money for the “gold benefit” which we both know ain’t no real benefit. I’ve deleted the app More time then I should have out of frustration but continue to come back for hopes something have changed.. so far I have 3 likes matched one and got my distance and age at 100 miles and 100 age still have yet to match the so called two other likes. You made global but not everyone once that perk so why not make it easier for the people who just want to stay local. Again decent app but still major flaws in your system and for love bob delete the accounts that are no longer active it’s just unnecessary clutter.

Sillyhumins ,

Frustrating bugs

This app is the most frustrating thing, Since downloading this app I have had 5 of the matches I had been talking to regularly completely disappear without reason, I figured I had been unmatched only for them to reappear in my matches days or even weeks later, and the entire conversation erased (for me, not for them). For 2 people who I had contacted everything looked normal on their end, except I had no other way to contact them. Is is super frustrating when you don’t have a way to reach other person due to a bug!! It also sends the totally wrong message and causes a lot of confusion. I’ve had this happen to me mid conversation as well. This is so unacceptable. It’s hard to tell if Tinder is negligently buggy or if this is the result of some gross social engineering experiment, I have no clue, but c’mon at this point it’s happened too frequently not to question the motives of a company that profits off you being single. If you think I’m going to pony up for a company that might be willfully making it difficult to get in touch with people you genuinely hit it off with or seed doubts about someone you are getting to know better, you are mistaken. I will not be renewing anything.

As expected my match shows up again days later with the conversation deleted from my phone but I can view it on my computer. Fix this!!! This is so wrong, what a sad excuse for a messaging platform. Totally wholly incredibly unacceptable. Straight up.

pFushiguro ,

Banned for no reason

I got the app a few years ago originally as a joke but lately I get on when I’m bored and want to meet new people. I don’t leave my house often and when I do I’m generally too anxious to talk to anyone so tinder made it easier to talk to people. My profile was pretty random and full of jokes just so people could get a read on my personality. I didn’t want to match with people who wouldn’t have the same interests and humor as me so I made it clear what I was like in my profile. Originally I had a pretty normal profile so I thought maybe I got banned for something I put in my revamped profile but then I reviewed the terms of use and realized there was nothing in my profile that seemed to violate them (it would’ve been easier to know if they would’ve told me what I was banned for). I did however realize that 98% of the people in my area had been violating the terms of use and weren’t getting banned. Photos of dead animals are apparently one of the things you aren’t supposed to use on your profile. Every other guy in my area had photos of dead deer, ducks, and turkey. I had one DRAWN picture of 2 guys kissing fully clothed at the end of my profile while all these rural town guys have multiple pictures of dead animals on theirs and MY account is the one that gets banned. It doesn’t make any sense to me. I personally would rather see a stupid drawing pull up on someone’s profile than dozens of dead ducks or deer bleeding from their mouths.

Privacidad de la app

El desarrollador, Tinder Inc., ha indicado que las prácticas de privacidad de la app pueden incluir la gestión de datos descrita a continuación. Para obtener más información, consulta la política de privacidad del desarrollador.

Datos vinculados contigo

Los siguientes datos pueden recopilarse y vincularse con tu identidad:

  • Compras
  • Ubicación
  • Datos de contacto
  • Contactos
  • Contenido del usuario
  • Identificado­res
  • Datos de uso
  • Datos sensibles
  • Diagnósticos

Las prácticas de privacidad pueden variar, por ejemplo, dependiendo de tu edad o de las funciones que uses. Más información


  • En familia

    Hasta un máximo de seis miembros de tu familia podrán usar esta app si tienes En familia activado.

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