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Tiny Calendar es una aplicación nativa para el Calendario de Google con un diseño intuitivo. Presenta el aspecto sencillo y claro del calendario web de Google y lo hace más accesible, ágil y confiable, ya sea para iPhone, iPad o iPod Touch. También puede usarse sin conexión. Todos los cambios se sincronizarán con tu cuenta de Google la próxima vez que te conectes.

Tiny Calendar presenta 8 vistas estándar: día, semana, mes, 4 días, año, mes reducido (iPhone), agenda semanal (iPhone) y agenda. Puedes cambiar de vista instantáneamente para descubrir eventos o buscar un horario.

Tiny Calendar sincroniza automáticamente con tu Calendario de Google cada vez que abres la aplicación o después de modificar un evento.

Puedes crear, editar y eliminar eventos aunque no tengas conexión a Internet. Tiny Calendar guardará tus cambios en caché y los sincronizará con tu cuenta de Google la próxima vez que te conectes.

¡Nunca olvides una reunión! Como Calendario de Google, Tiny Calendar te permite crear recordatorios a través de notificaciones push, SMS o correo electrónico para todos los eventos.

Con Tiny Calendar, puedes invitar personas y ver su estado. Tiny Calendar también te permite responder a una invitación recibida (sí, no, quizás).

Puedes crear, ver y modificar eventos recurrentes. Tiny Calendar es compatible con todas las opciones de repetición de Calendario de Google.

Puedes organizar tu Calendario de Google con esta aplicación. Puedes crear, editar y eliminar calendarios en cualquier momento. Todos los cambios se sincronizarán con tu cuenta de Google.

Tiny Calendar funciona en el iPhone, iPad y iPod Touch. No tienes que pagar más para descargar varias copias.

Tiny Calendar admite múltiples gestos que facilitan la gestión de eventos.


Versión 7.4.4

Thanks for using Tiny Calendar! This is a tiny update that we've improved the app stability to help us serve you better.
We're glad to hear your feedback. If you have any problems or suggestions please feel free to contact us at

Valoraciones y reseñas

4,7 de 5
1,7 mil valoraciones

1,7 mil valoraciones

steve550 ,

Have used it for years

Tiny Calendar (called CalenMob before that) has been the only calendar app I have used on my mobile devices for at least ten years. It plays well with my Apple calendar and I use Google Calendar as the main database. Tiny Calendar converts the Google data and displays it in a neat, easy to read form. It converts all the Google calendars and settings flawlessly. If I lose my mobile device data for some reason, such as a phone update, it will retrieve the data quickly from Google and parse it cleanly. That way I always have my priceless calendar archive stored in two different places. One of my three most valuable productivity tools. Easily a five star app!
Update: I was reading some other reviews... Don’t let them discourage you. Several negative ones were due to minor changes that the user didn’t take time to tweak to their liking. This app has an incredibly detailed monthly view (formerly called mini-month), yet it’s clean as a whistle and very easy to read without switching to individual days or weeks!

Scott1155 ,

Excellent App!

iOS 14.4.2, iPhone12 Pro - I was not looking for a calendar app but I came across this app and decided to give it a try. This app is great, much better than any other calendar app I have tried. I like the fact that I can use different views to view my calendar activity. For the most part there are enough customization options to get the look I desire. My only suggestion would be to add an option to change the grid color on the monthly view as I would like more contrast between the grid and the black background. My thanks to the developer for a simple to use app that works well. Job well done!

Jydntn ,

If only it had online booking/deposits capability..

I’m an Apple/iCloud user but use Tiny because of it’s superior layout (so I can quickly see how many jobs per day I have, instead of only 1 “dot” per day). And I merge it with the iCloud calendar in order to sync with my employees which all works well.
But recently in my line of business I’ve added deposit requirements, which this one doesn’t support so I have to use a different scheduling app for quote and deposit capability.
But that app’s calendar layout is just like the iCloud calendar, only one dot per day no matter how many jobs per day are scheduled. So I book people through the scheduling app and merge it with tiny calendar which then merges to iCloud. At quick glance to see what all is scheduled, I primarily use tiny which is merged with now 2 other calendars to complete the full capability.
If only this one had a way to integrate deposits and share calendar with other users so I it could be an all in one.
Photo capability would be cool too.

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