Tip Wizard has three functions: Spray Tip Search; Fertilizer Metering Orifice Search; Ball Flow Indicator Search.

Each function performs different functions based on your application:

Spray Tip Search: With industry leading information, Tip Wizard takes a known broadcast chemical spray application, and turns it into meaningful results with educational information such as %<141µ (driftable fines), %<600 (% of small droplets) and targeted droplet size based on any chemical's requirements.

Tip Wizard also has industry leading calculations and information for PWM spray systems, like Capstan PinPoint, Case AimCommand, John Deere ExactApply, Raven Hawkeye, and more. All Combo-Jet tips are recommended for PWM spray systems.

Fertilizer Metering Orifice Search:
To simplify selecting a metering orifice, this calculator allows you to quickly find which Wilger metering orifice (in either a Combo-Jet cap style orifice, or O-ring seal orifice - for ORS manifolds or flow indicators).

It provides an alternative rate option, which makes it useful determining the flow range of an orifice size without doing any calculations manually.

Ball Flow Indicator Search:
A new feature to Tip Wizard, helps a user select which Wilger ball flow indicator column would be best used in an application, as well as which balls would be used to best represent their flow with the application rate and product density in mind. Very simple to use, and greatly simplifies the process of using flow indicators.

Through information, education, and innovation, we ensure Wilger products are being used in setting best practices in an ever-changing environment.

What’s New

Version 3.0.1

CHANGED: ‘FERTILIZER’ Wizard (+ supports new Electronic Flow Monitoring System)
Changes to ‘Spray Tip’ Wizard:
1.Added ‘Droplet Size Classification’ column from spray tip charts.
2.Added ability to select Droplet Category (e.g. ASABE COARSE) in ‘Target Droplet Size’
a.NOTE: It is still very much recommended to use a specific VMD/droplet size in µ to get the best results out of tip wizard.
3.Expanded Tip result charts to 90PSI.
a.Ensure you follow max pressure recommendations for PWM systems (typically 60PSI). Consult your sprayer system manufacturer.
4.Added ‘Combo-Jet UR series’ in Tip Wizard results.
a.As they are designed for specialty restricted use chemicals, they are not to be compared to other Combo-Jet spray tips, so some info is limited. Always follow restricted use chemical herbicide labels when selecting spray tips, with special attention to chemical labels with only specific tips approved for use.
5.Removed ‘%<200µ’ column from spray tip charts.
a.Replaced by %<141µ as a standard for driftable fines in ideal conditions.
6.Highlighted green line across tip charts now only shows on the closest VMD to targeted droplet size.
Changes to ‘Fertilizer’ Wizard:
1.Added O-ring Seal (ORS) metering orifice search option. Ensure to only search for metering orifices based on your system type.
a.Eg. If using a Combo-Jet outlet, use a Combo-Jet cap metering orifice.
b.Eg. If using visual flow indicators or ORS manifolds with ORS outlets, use an O-ring Seal metering orifice.
c.Within the results of ORS Metering Orifice searches, both molded and drilled orifices are found.
2.Added Litres/Acre Application unit, by request.
3.Added [OPTIONAL] Preferred Pressure option.
a.For ORS orifices, there are a great number of them, so this ideal pressure input helps filter your options to a cleaner selection.

[NEWLY ADDED] ‘Flow Indicator’ Wizard:
Uses for Flow View visual ball flow indicator users:
This calculator/selector tool is suitable for applicators looking to set up a new ball flow indicator system, or verify which balls to use in an existing flow indicator assembly.
Uses for Wilger’s Electronic Flow Monitoring System users:
It also allows a user of the new Electronic Flow Monitoring System to select which stabilizing jet to use for an application, to guarantee the highest level of accuracy for an intended application. It can also be used to ensure the flow monitoring system will accurately handle a specific flow rate or application.

1.Start with inputting application rate (with option for alternate rate), speed, outlet spacing, liquid weight (in LBs/US Gal), and # of outlets fed per flow column (typically 1).
a.With this information, the app generates which flow column sizes can be used for that flow rate.
b.When a column’s result tab is opened, it shows what flow rate is required, along with which balls can be used to visually indicate flow.
i.Ideally pick the ball that has the green line closest to its’ center.
2.For Electronic Flow Monitoring System users:
a.Simply open the Electronic Flowmeter tab, and select which jet color would best suit your flow rate.
3.If an alternate rate is entered, it will show up in the chart as a yellow line, which allows you to verify if the same ball can cover both application rates.
a.If a single ball cannot cover the entire range of application rates, you can add a second ball to the column to help indicate variation in flow for the secondary application. (Heavier ball on the bottom of the column).

Ensure to verify and check all comments, disclaimers and notes within the app, as some have changed.
Thank you for your patronage, and please do not hesitate to let Wilger know ( if you experience any bugs, errors, or inconsistencies.

Through information, education and innovation, we will ensure Wilger products are being used in setting best practices in an ever-changing environment.

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3.0 out of 5
1 Rating

1 Rating

Spwrlftr1978 ,


This app needs updated to include the newest tips I.e. the UR TIPS.

Developer Response ,

G'Day Spwrftr1978, it took longer than we'd hoped, but the UR series are now in the updated version of Tip Wizard now, if you'd like to update to version 3.0


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