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• Great selection of over 25,000 items, guaranteed 100% authentic
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• Discover the newest and hottest products in Japan
• Start building your wishlist full of amazing Japanese goods
• Instant restock notifications for items you’re watching
• Read product reviews from other fans like you
… And more features to come!

Featured App Reviews:
"I sewiously love this app so much even though I’ve only had it for one hour. They stay updated on all the anime and the price is very reasonable! The pictures are high quality and there is about any anime you can think of there. Very smooth scrolling and it doesn’t crash for me."

"The app is great and easy to use. I'm a big fan of the variety of things they offer and their customer service is top notch. Like the review before said, the only thing that will be sad is your wallet."


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Kill j

Great Place to hop for Plushies!

I’ve been ordering plushies here for quite a while a I love the custom support! They always reply and very polite. Recently I got a plush in October 2nd and I didn’t notice the defects on the eyes. The policy says you only have 7 days to replace it. But it’s been 7 days. I’m really upset they can’t replace my item. I’m gonna try to convince them, but that’s the flaw of it all. I barely touched the plush, never handled it hard, and I never dropped it. I recommend this app, but the shipping is just way too high. They have gave me Points for the damages and such. But this particular time they haven’t. Also, I’ve been waiting for an item that shipped last month, but it’s not at the usps facility where they ship it out. They told me it’s gonna take until November 28. That’s just way too long. I got my items in like 1-2 weeks. This is terrible. From the last plush I was talking about ale in a box with a big hole on the side! I recommend this app. But shipping is too much and too long.


Tokyo Otaku Mode App Review

This app is an excellent version of the online website. You can easily search for whatever you want and manage your account, orders, etc. Being used to the website, it was easy to understand the way it was setup. I only have to issues with the app. The first is that it will not show me items that are out of stock when I search. You can do this on the website, but not the app. Secondly, it only shows what I have wishlisted if it is in the default wishlist. This means that I can’t see anything in custom wishlists. They aren’t major issues, but can be slightly annoying. Overall, I really like the app. It can be really nice to just open the app instead of having to open my browser and type in their website.


Extremely Good App

I shop regularly from Otaku Mode and this app helps a ton. Easy to navigate, great service, fast shipping and an amazing amount of products. My only criticism is the shipping can be expensive unless you buy a lot at one time, stock often runs out very quickly and the wishlist feature doesn't seem to be working fully. There's a limit to what items you can see on your wishlist and will not load the next section, only being able to view your most recent products you added to the wishlist. Please fix that.



iOS 9.0以降。iPhone、iPad、およびiPod touchに対応。





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