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Townkins is a 3D free to play simulation game with beautiful graphics and an immersive, online world that will capture your imagination and heart!

Nurture animals, cultivate crops, cook dishes, and fish with your friends! Real-time interaction means you can invite friends to your customized Town to chat and interact with your character! Always wanted to laugh at your friend's ridiculous outfit, while showing off your own? Now you can, using real-time emotes! Bored? Host a party, invite friends, and show off your stylish home! Countless customization options means that no two Avatars or Towns look the same; with a myriad of outfits, faces, hairstyles, and decorations to choose from! Furnish your very own home with an endless variety of wallpapers, flooring, and furniture! Get to know the quirky Townkins as they send you on exciting adventures, and progress through the main storyline to unlock more mysterious townfolk!

Play now for free, and experience these fun, specialized features:

• Farm and cook to complete orders and gain rewards!
• Fully 3D graphics and environment for an immersive experience!
• Challenge your friends and compete in various competitions for prizes!
• Complete quests to unlock fascinating characters in an immersive world!
• Specialize your skills by researching varied technologies!
• Personalize your Avatar with dozens of hairstyles, clothes, and different facial expressions!
• Make your home sweet home with tons of furniture, wallpaper, and flooring to choose from!
• Design your Town to your liking with your choice of decorations, paths, and buildings!
• Be inspired to cook tasty dishes and impress your friends!
• Laugh, cry, and congratulate your friends with real-time emotes!
• Play plenty of mini-games to enjoy with your friends!
• Keep busy with daily activities and special events!

App Notes:

• This app requires an active internet connection to play. Please make sure your device is connected while playing.

• Townkins: Wonderland Village is completely free to download and free to play. However, some items in the game may be purchased with real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.

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版本 1.8.200

-Fix bugs
-Fixed the flash rollback problem


4.2(满分 5 分)
530 个评分

530 个评分

Cherrly Lilith

Could use more features...

I do love this game, it is the most sweetest and cutest game I know. However, there are a few things that could make this game be better. The game really feels underdeveloped, since there are many things missing, the most important one being communication between people. The communication and the way people talk feels very limited, and restricted. I don’t think this review has enough space to cover all the problems it has regarding these limitations. However, other than that, the farming is fine, the decorating is splendid, however everything is amazingly expensive in the in-game currency. That has me in the blues, since it’s hard to be creative to my own character. The most interesting part of this game that got me to download it was that I could decorate my character and change their styles. However, it seems quite difficult to do that. Town decoration is really easy to access however, it is hard to store things back. Quests are wonderful, the characters are great, I really love how they have their own backgrounds. They seem really adorable. I just wish we could learn more about Kyle and Uncle Moon as well. I also wish the characters were more interactive in a way. Other than those few things, the game does a really good job at exerting itself off as a friendly cute farm game.


Hi Cherrly Lilith, thank you so much for your feedback! If you wish to leave longer feedback, please feel free to contact us in-game and your feedback will be passed on to the developers. We're sorry to hear that you feel the items are very expensive, the more you play the more you'll accumulate currency to afford items. :) You also get free items from finishing the quests.
We are currently working on releasing new quests and content, as well as storage for Attractions! So please keep an eye out for our developments on our social medias. How would you like the characters to be more interactive? Are you able to expand on this idea? :) Best wishes and hope you have a wonderful day. :)


Best social farm game

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. A social farm game where you can interact with fun events, world board chat, and visits to your friends towns. It’s an excellent game for an introvert like me who wants a game to be social, but not in a forced kind of way. You can go about your game alone for the most part and only interact when you want. The community is friendly. The graphics are amazing. It is not pay to win, not that it really is a game you can “win” anyway. Just lighthearted fun in an open world environment without stagnant end goals or pressure to spend. I’m enjoying this more than the P2W War games I’ve spend so much time and money on (where there is insane pressure to spend from the game itself and your team, plus you see the worst side of everyone). It’s kind of like a Harvest Moon or Animal Crossing MMO. I will buy a few small packs to support to developers because they deserve it, not because it’s needed to progress like in GOW and games of that type.
Only gripe: I’m not a huge fan of the music, so I keep the sound off. Please consider different music. And also seems to eat up a lot of battery. And I’d like to see a filter for the market so we can find stuff faster (not just the ones advertised in the newspaper, which get bought up so quickly most of the time, I can’t buy what I need in time for timed quests).


Hi Townkin, thank you for your feedback and suggestions! We'll see what we can do about the music and the battery. We are looking into the Newspaper issue, but for now we can suggest that you use other social media to speak to other players to get items you need for Timed Quests, or the Chat feature, then you can directly go to a players Town and have them put items up for you. Hope that helps! :) Have a great day.

Bloú daisy

Adorable simple game.

I can honestly say I very much enjoy this game.

Most games in 2018, with cute graphics, a simple plot and just all around adorable is money or full of annoying ads. This game is not like that.

You start off able to create a character then you’re tossed right into a cute little world, apparently you’re the towns beauty coordinator and your job is to help make the town thriving again through a series of very simple tasks. Now don’t freak out, these tasks take MOMENTS, and are pretty simple, like “go talk to the train conductor and give him some bread, make bread by adding flour to a machine, the machine costs 16 gold pieces and takes 3 minutes to build” the goals seriously take 5-6 minutes at the most.

Obviously everything is timed but their quick painless times, nothing takes 2-3 days like most games, and it’s simple playing, where you can still do other things while your machines are working to produce products that can be sold for more money.

You start out with a good number of coins and gems and there’s always ways to easily obtain more through crops or your farm animals. YOU DONT HAVE TO USE MONEY. Everything moves so fast in this game, there’s never a need to speed anything up or add more. Everything is cheap, from the crops to the farm animals to redecorating.

It even changes from night to day depending if you’re in a dark room or not which is super cute.

I highly recommend this game. It’s relaxing, mindless and very simple.

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