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### Go to and print off your ‘Made to thrill’ marker. Place the marker on the floor in front of you. ###

Launch Toyota 86 AR and point your camera towards the marker to bring the thrilling all new Toyota 86 to life.

Test your driving skills around the course of cones or turn them off and go for a free ride wherever you please. Practice your car controls and visit the video section on to find out how to create your own Toyota 86 AR movies and post them to YouTube.


Verze 1.5

Improved realism, now features dynamic lighting

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Hodnocení: 19

Huntsman456123 ,

More Cars?

I absolutely love this game i highly recommend you download it!! But I'm not a big GT86 type of guy maybe if you can add maybe like 180sx or 240sx and even mustangs and the S14 but overall im telling everyone about this game its next generation!

RasikX ,

Buggy!! Beware!

When I ran this for the first time the user interface elements overlapped each other and were unresponsive. I quit the application and started it again, but the camera didn't work so all I saw were the user interface elements. I closed and started it a third time, these relevance worked and the camera worked but no car was to be seen, nor were there any cones. I want to force quit it again, but it completely froze and hung my phone, then I couldn't even shut off my phone. And it up having to plug my phone into my computer after a few minutes it restarted. This software is very buggy. Use at your own risk.

Add something more ,

Is awesome

I really like the game I just wish there was a way to make tracks or customize the car

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K doplnění podrobných informací o ochraně soukromí bude vývojář vyzván při zveřejnění příští aktualizace pro tuto aplikaci.


manGoweb, s.r.o
200.1 MB

Je požadován iOS 6.0 a novější. Kompatibilní se zařízením iPhone, iPad a iPod touch.





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