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Install this free app to get the most from your “Triumph Track+” motorcycle tracking system.

Once installed onto your smartphone, this app allows you to remotely access and manage the full range of Triumph Track+ security, safety and convenience features when used in conjunction with the Triumph Track+ website functionality. At any time, you may set your own levels of security alerts, view journey history data and maps, change tracking system user modes, check bike location, enable/disable alert types and select account management and preferences.

Triumph Track+ is a Thatcham-approved (Category S5) tracking device available from, and fitted by, your Triumph dealership, with a live tracking and theft recovery support service powered by ScorpionTrack.
The Triumph Track+ device utilises the GPS and GLONASS satellite location networks to accurately identify your Triumph motorcycle’s location and transmits this location to the Triumph Track+ Control Centre using the GSM mobile data network when unauthorised movement is detected.
The device, when fitted by a Triumph dealership to your Triumph motorcycle, is covered by Triumph’s two-year extensive parts and accessories warranty.
The tracking system, which is powered by the ScorpionTrack subscription-based tracking service, alerts the subscriber when it detects pre-defined unauthorised movement or tampering, and includes full 24/7 all-year round theft monitoring.
UK subscribers: the Triumph Track+ motorcycle tracking system is Thatcham-approved (Category S5). After confirmation of your subscription, you will be able to download an Installation Certificate that you can present to your insurance company as proof of your additional level of security.

All Triumph Track+ subscribers enjoy reliable security from a tracking system that reacts with three levels of alerts:

Triumph Track+ is supplied with two rider ID tags for automatic rider recognition. If the motorcycle experiences unauthorised movement or an unauthorised battery disconnect without sensing the proximity of either tag, a theft alert is sent to the Triumph Track+ Control Centre monitoring team.
The monitoring team contacts the subscriber/owner, who confirms the theft and notifies police. The Triumph Track+ Monitoring Team then liaises with the relevant party to aid recovery.

Optional Triumph Track+ text alerts are triggered if the motorcycle experiences unexpected vibration or other unauthorised movement. These Early Movement Warning Alerts are SMS text messages sent to your smartphone, and may be enabled or disabled through the app.

Triumph Track+ Dashboard Alerts, are useful messages sent directly to you via the app when certain preselected conditions are met. The following alerts may be enabled: low system battery alert, long idle time alert, ignition on alert, and geofence alert.

This app is the most convenient way of managing your Triumph Track+ motorcycle tracking system. Developed by ScorpionTrack, it has been approved by Triumph Motorcycles and can be used to view alerts and messages sent to you by the Triumph Track+ system.

To minimise the possibility of false theft alerts, the app can be used to switch on Garage Mode (if, for example, your bike is at a Triumph dealership) and Transport Mode (if, for example, your motorcycle is being rightfully transported).
You may also: change how your Journey History summarises journey data, view useful information via a clear and intuitive Calendar interface, opt to not record road speeds, and even log no data at all unless a theft is detected.

The Triumph Track+ device can be purchased for your Triumph motorcycle from any Triumph dealership in the UK.
Find your local dealership easily using the Triumph Motorcycles website.


Versión 1.0.1

This version includes bug fixes and stability improvements


Scorpion Automotive Ltd
102.4 MB

Requiere iOS 10.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.


Español, Alemán, Francés, Inglés, Italiano, Polaco, Ruso, Árabe



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