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The TRX App™ is your pocket-sized personal trainer. Strength training, HIIT, yoga, even sport-specific coaching - no matter your interest or fitness level, there’s a workout ready to stream wherever you are, whenever you want.

Experience the energy of a LIVE class. Get real-time cues from a world-class coach, and join an active community of fitness enthusiasts that spans the globe.

Can’t make it to a LIVE class? Catch the replay on your own time, and liven it up by changing the music to fit your mood.

Access our vast library of On-Demand videos, with fresh content added weekly so you never get bored. Filter workouts by length, intensity, target body area, and more to find your perfect fit.

Unleash the full potential of each TRX tool, from the iconic Suspension Trainer® to YBells. Learn new skills and start seeing results with the TRX App.

Memberships are monthly or annual. Payment will be charged to your Apple ID at confirmation of purchase. Your membership renews automatically through your Apple ID unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. There is no increase in cost when renewing. Memberships can be managed, and auto-renewal turned off by going to your account settings on your device after purchase. Once purchased, the current period cannot be canceled.

Что нового

Версия 10.6.9

Good news: you can now stream On Demand and replay videos via Chromecast. We’ve also streamlined the membership cancellation process, standardized our coach & workout naming conventions, and updated the radio feature for folks enjoying On Demand & replay content. We’re a little more organized and a whole lot more fun.

Оценки и отзывы

4,6 из 5
Оценок: 19,6 тыс.

Оценок: 19,6 тыс.

Molonlabe408 ,

Best Total body fitness app out there!

As a personal trainer since 2006, ironically, I’ve struggled with having consistency with my own workouts. Having the TRX app has allowed to have my own digital trainer and program for MY needs and my schedule. With the wide range of workouts that the app offers, it allows you to choose from level of intensity, time available for a workout, or even incorporating other modes of training (like kettlebells to battle ropes). This has empowered me to stay fit not only for myself, but for my personal training business as well. I love TRX. It has truly been a blessing for me in so many ways. TRX has enriched my life monetarily, my clients’ health and fitness, and also my own fitness program. I thank God for TRX! Amen!

Dave in Sammamish ,

Workouts are great, the app is not very usable, and customer support is spotty to non existent

The app regularly loses my workouts, putting up the spinner right as I finish, never allowing me to save, and it eventually crashes. Per customer support I’ve uninstalled and restored multiple times. The actual workouts are great, and I can make them harder as I improve. Some of the training videos forget to switch sides, just moving on to the next exercise. When I realize this, I just rewind and do the exercise again on the other side. I tried the calendar but it’s way too manual, going to each exercise adding it to one calendar date which doesn’t even display the day of week. I’d like to select an exercise and choose which days of the week I’ll use it (repeating), or tell it to repeat that exercise every Nth day. Sometime when I rotate the phone to landscape and back, the buttons disappear until I close the app. Does anyone at trx use the app? Searching for workouts is usable but could be way better with check box style filters, (x)kettle bell and (x)TRX straps, (x) suspension training and (x) HIIT, with the existing (x)20-40 mins. Overall I love the TRX straps, and the app is barely tolerable. If I didn’t regularly lose data it would be 4 stars. I originally thought to rate 1 star for data loss, but this isn’t crapware, and has potential to improve.
Downgrading from 3 to 2 since customer support hasn’t responded after several feedbacks sent due to losing my workouts.

MBM16 ,

Needed an upgrade but it moved in the wrong direction

I started using the TRX app during the pandemic shutdown and I’m glad I got it. After a year I started looking for some new options though. I reluctantly renewed the membership for another year right before the app and its contents were updated. I figured even if I was bored with the options it was still effective and efficient. I wish I hadn’t and would love my money back.

Many of the new app features are big set backs for me. Perhaps the biggest is the inability to play my own music since all the workouts are prerecorded videos. Additionally, as videos they override any other audio playing and force a landscape mode. The app only functions in portrait but the videos only play in landscape. Seriously? Next might be that the videos start off with wasted time trying to teach you the exercises they are about to do. Commonly a 10 minute workout is 8 minutes of talking. You can’t easily skip to the next exercise or section if that’s appropriate. You’re left trying to fiddle with the scrub slider or wait it out. That makes total sense for the first go round but when it’s the same video over and over and there’s no other option, that doesn’t work. Finally, so much of the app is based around selling more product. I already have the straps and I want to work out. That’s it. That’s what I paid for. Can we just do that?

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