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Join the best Cribbage game in the world!

Challenge yourself in Ultimate Cribbage, the classic card game. If you already play Canasta, Pinochle, Backgammon, Gin Rummy 500, or Solitaire, then you’ll love this classic card & board game. Learn to play crib “live” in game with great hints. Friends will call you a Cribbage pro in no time!

• Classic cribbage board for two
• Intuitive gameplay

• 6 difficulty levels and more coming soon!
• Need a score keeper? Try our automatic hand and crib counting!
• Cribbage Pro? Play it the classic way and count points manually.
• Detailed crib, hand, and play score breakdowns every round
• Classic, Muggins, and Shotgun Cribbage variants

• Ace our challenges to bring new difficulty levels online.
• Be a Cribage Pro and complete them all!
• Coming soon: compare challenge progress with friends.

Online Features:
• Statistics are stored online, so you can play crib on your friends devices too!
• Online multiplayer coming in the future!


Versión 2.5.4

Challenge yourself with a game of Cribbage!

This update includes improvements and updates requested by our players. We appreciate all your wonderful support, please keep sending us reviews!

Valoraciones y reseñas

4,6 de 5
20,6 mil valoraciones

20,6 mil valoraciones

Deodoranting ,

Easy and fun to play

I love how this game looks. Upfront and inside, the app is pretty attractive. There are VERY few ads that pop up while you’re playing, but the best part about them is that they’re skippable and short too. The ads also don’t pop up that much. If you’re still getting the hang of Cribbage like me, you’ll find that the detailed and automatic counting of the cards to be of immense help. Anyways, I just download the app for Cribbage so I don’t care for that much of the other games available only with Cribbage Club. I especially love how this game can still be functional and enjoyable without paying for Cribbage Club. It shows to how the game isn’t pay-to-play. I wish it was faster to rank up in Cribbage, but that isn’t a huge problem because it’s still fun to play nonetheless. If you’re competitive, however, you might find yourself getting bored of your progress in Cribbage among the other games available. I’m pretty sure that the games aren’t live, so I think it would be super fun and a great challenge if they were.

Peg head ,

Stole my platinum

For the most part, the game works well and who ever made it should be proud of their accomplishment. I like the game, obviously, or I wouldn't be playing it. I think the designers should understand that some of the players will never gamble, and at some point, stop asking. It is a annoying waste if time. Some of the challenges take too long. It had one glitch with me, when I completed the platinum level, it returned me to the beginning of platinum again, instead of moving on to the next level. Very disappointing! If it happens again, I won't continue playing the game!
I have to say, I’m disappointed I received no response to my first review, but with that said, the games just seem to go on indefinitely, so I guess I’ve just resigned to keep on playing like there aren’t any levels to it. The only thing I have ascertained is that the computer doesn’t allow as many counting mistakes to mug the further I play on.

Garthy J ,

Polished game, frustrating gimmicks

I love playing cribbage and have downloaded this app a few times off and on over the years. It includes some really interesting mechanics, like the daily challenges and level-up mechanics. The power ups are a nice option too, though i typically avoid using them. I am also pretty impressed with the overall polish of the game. It definitely plays like a well-designed experience.

However, there is no doubt that, at some point in the difficulty scaling, the computer just starts to get better hands instead of playing better cribbage. I noticed this particularly during the Platinum levels, where the computer seemed like they averaged 12 points a hand. It started to seem like the only way to offset their ability to always have great cards was to use the power ups, which isn’t the game of cribbage I wanted to play in the first place. It felt like I went from playing cribbage to watching ads so I could watch the cribbage cards I bought beat the cribbage cards the computer gave itself.

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