If you work, you lose!
Maintain your kept man lifestyle of getting paid by doing nothing!

-Common Questions
Q. Why is the background DPS the way it is?
A. This is in order to keep the game balanced. While the app is closed, allowance will continue to increase for an hour.

Sounds by MusMus, Mao-tamashi, Kurage-kosho, Koukaon-labo,Music-note and P-MELO.JP.


バージョン 1.1.6

Minor Bug Fixes




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This game is pretty good, it's the kind of game you can play when you're on the go, as it is on mobile, pretty good story, not too overbearing, but towards the end the achievements get pretty difficult, as in with time, but other then that it's good, I actually got through a little bit of the game on accident, when I didn't have enough money to buy something it would crash and then I'd have enough money to buy it, it stopped working after a bit, but that's something that happened

Nikki $$$880

Cool, but a lot of Missed Opportunities

This is a new take on other games that this company has made where there’s a story and some perceivable threat in the Father. I like that RNG aspect; however, while having a little more gameplay than past titles, it is still fails in the same way the other games did with some improvement though. One problem is the level of management and depth. It is better than the other games but it is still mediocre. If there were actual minigames in the play section where perhaps if you made a misstep you could encounter the Father, it’s make the app more fun. Adding more depth and complexity is a good way to add enjoyment and I feel like there should have been a way to monitor how good you were doing and if you were doing bad and it becomes more of a burden to keep you, you are penalized harshly or get hit with a game over. That level of depth and intrigue is what I want from these games. And due to that lack of depth, eventually it can just get plain boring after a while. Hopefully, the next game has what I’m looking for. I like it and appreciate how it’s a leg up from previous titles but it’s not where I want it to be.

Snizhana Nedbai


I don’t have a girlfriend(wish I did lol) but I’m someone who usually always takes care of people so this game kind of reliefs my care abstinence. :’)


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