Dash into a brand new adventure as a lightning fast Cheetah, enormous Elephant, or a deadly Crocodile! For the first time ever, choose from TEN PLAYABLE ANIMALS! Hunt down food on the grassy plains, raise your family, and unlock exciting new playable animals as you experience life in the African savanna!

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Brand New Features
You'll need to maintain your health, hunger, thirst, and energy while ruling over the African plains!

Choose from your favorite species of african animals in a single game! Become a Cheetah, Hyena, Gazelle, Rhinoceros, Zebra, Elephant, Hippopotamus, Crocodile, Vulture, and a Warthog! Each species has their own families, experience, and levels!

Test your skills against SIX thrilling boss battles! A massive tiger rules over the jungle oasis! A legendary animal awaits you in the sun soaked plains and will push your skills to their limits!

Dominate other animals or bring them a treat to recruit them to your family! Customize and play as any animal in your pack and create a powerful family!

Breed babies that will grow into powerful members of your family! Care for you babies while they are are young, finding food for them and carrying them in your mouth!

Choose your animal’s name, appearance, skills, and attributes to complement your pack members and become a more powerful group!

Gain experience by catching and eating your prey, caring for your family, and completing missions! Level up your animal to increase their health and attack damage, earn points to upgrade your stats, and increase the size of your pack!

Stat Points can be used to provide bonus’s to traits like Health, Critical Attack Chance, Run Speed, and much more!

Buff Points can be used to upgrade your Snarl and Roar Buffs, which create temporary Stat Boosting auras around your animal when active!

Your prey now realistically dangles from your jaws as you carry them!

Procedural weather system with unique storms, clouds, sun, and stars! And the BRAND NEW changing seasons!

Explore a world so big we created TWELVE unique dens for your animals to live in! Explore grassy plains, a dense jungle oasis, an arid sandy dunes of the desert!

Hunt down animals like hyena, gazelle, impala, elephant, rhinoceros, snake, fish, flamingo, stork, crocodile, african dog, rabbit, water buffalo, wildebeest, warthog, tiger, giraffe, cheetah, lion, vulture, hippo and many more!

If you are of age or have your parents permission, turn on the BRAND NEW blood effects for added combat ferocity!

With all of our games you will always get the full game with no ads or additional purchases!

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Give us a shout and let us know what you want to play next!

What’s New

Version 1.1

+ BUG FIX: Changing Graphics Quality Crashing Game

Ratings and Reviews

4.4 out of 5
753 Ratings

753 Ratings

CrazyStarWarsLover ,

Epic!!!!!!!! I really need more stars!This deserves a million

I love this app but I have this one thing that I thing u should change. Whenever my cheetahs, cheetahs only, mind you, are eating their bodies wiggle like they r doing zumba. Plz fix this. Plz make an Ultimate Rainforest/Jungle Sim. Here r my ideas for it. Animals/lifeforms: panther, leopard, forest dragon, clouded leopard, anaconda, macaw, iguana, tiger, frog, etc. Bosses: Grandfather Tree (yes i think that there should be a tree boss plz dont judge), Ebony Fire (seemingly harmless black fire that once u get it on your animal only sand or mud can put it out (water makes it worse), Poacher, Carnivorous Flower (shoots exploding seed pods at you and tries to wrap vines around you so it can eat u), Betrayal (Random family member turns against you and tries to kill you), and last but not least, the drakkurai (undead spirits). You fight them at the last level and if you win you instantly unlock all animals and their skins but if you die/lose, you can either choose to start a new game (like completely undo all of your progress) and start anew or respawn. Also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a Ultimate Warrior Cat Sim based on the books by Erin Hunter. U can have a Clan or be in 1 (ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, and ShadowClan). Example of Boss: after u reach level 100 u and the other Clans have to fight the Dark Forest cats. Goodbye!

Amazing graphics!! ,

Great! But suggestions....

First off, I love your simulation games GFG and I cannot wait to see what you guys do next. But..... I still see some things that need work.

FIRST: family dynamics are better now, but a lot of people (including myself) want to start off as a baby and then grow up in your family group, and then either leave for your group to start your own, work your way up the ranks to become the leader, or go into human care. One of the things that I love about you guys is that YOU ACTUALLY LISTEN TO YOUR FANS! Please continue this!!! Also, although your games are very detailed and the graphics are accurate, the family groups are not. Just take like ten minutes to go on Wikipedia or something and research these animals, or watch a documentary or two. (Example: if you are a male lion cub, at a certain age you are thrown out of your pride to start a new one. If you are a cheetah cub then when you grow up you and your siblings are abandoned by your mother and you have to start caring for yourself, whereas orcas tend to stay in the same pod their entire lives) ANOTHER THING: Not All Animals Co-Parent!! So please try these thing out, but otherwise the game is amazing and I can't wait for the next one!

Please try an Ultimate Dolphin Simulator, Bird Of Prey Simulator, and possibly an Ultimate Penguin Simultor!

Zom slayer77 ,

Die a hero or live a coward?A cheetah sim story.

Rush the cheetah sat down with her mate Blurr. She felt the cubs she was pregnant with squirm in her stomach. Suddenly, Blurr got up quickly and tensed. “Lions.” Blurr said stiffly. “How
close?” Rush asked,worry in her voice. “Pretty close.” Blurr replied. “Should we run?”Rush asked. “You won’t be fast enough because...” He motioned to her stomach. Rush squinted against the sun. Then she gasped in horror. “What is it?” Asked Blurr. “They’re so close! I can see them perfectly.” She said. Then, out of the bushes came a HUGE lion. “It’s an ambush!” Blurr yelled. The lion sprang at Rush, tackling and pinning her to the ground. Rush screeched in fear. Blurr jumped on the lion on Rush, knocking the lion off. Then, the rest of the pride joined in on the attack. Blurr jumped in front of Rush,
facing the lions. “RUN!” Screamed Blurr as a lion jumped on him. And Rush did run, she ran faster than she ever did. She raced across the savanna. Finally, she stopped, out of breath, flanks heaving. She escaped. She walked back to the place of the attack, and found her mate...dead. She screeched in sadness. 3 days later, she gave birth to 2 cubs named Nimble and Lively. They lived happily ever after. She never forgot her mate though, who was a hero to the family. The end.


Gluten Free Games LLC
138.5 MB

Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



Age Rating
Rated 9+ for the following:
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
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